Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Slippery Rock University

X Grades

The grade of X means “no grade given.”  The X grade may be awarded under the following circumstances:

  • If a faculty member determines the student has not completed assignments or that course activities were not sufficient to make a normal evaluation of academic performance, a grade of X may be assigned.  Note that once the X grade is entered, the instructor is required to indicate the date the student last participated or attended class;
  • The X grade may also be used by an instructor if the student misses the final assessment (project or exam) and that is the only outstanding course requirement the student needs to complete.  This is different from an incomplete grade, which students must request.
  • The X grade may also be assigned to a course by the Office of Academic Records and Registration at the end of a term when a grade is not submitted by the instructor. The Office of Academic Records and Registration will notify the dean of the college in which the course is taught that an X grade has been assigned. The dean of the college offering the course will request that the instructor submit a grade change form as soon as possible to assign a final grade for the student.

Other provisions:

  • The X grade will not affect the student’s semester or cumulative GPA at the time the grade is given.  However, the X grade must be removed from the student’s record prior to the end of the student’s next semester of enrollment.  At the end of the student’s next semester of enrollment, the grade of X will be converted to a grade of F.  At that time, the student’s semester and cumulative GPA will be recalculated to include the grade of F; 
  • The X grade cannot be extended beyond the student’s next semester of enrollment;
  • If a graduating student receives a grade of X during their final semester of enrollment, the student will be permitted to graduate as long as the course in question is not required for graduation;
  • A student should not re-register for a course for which they have received a grade of X in an attempt to complete any coursework.  The grade of X cannot be resolved through a second registration or repeat of the course.  The grade of X can only be resolved by communicating with the instructor of record a more appropriate course of action for the assignment of a final grade;
  • An X should not be assigned to allow the student an opportunity to repeat the entire course;
  • Students who have stopped attending class or who have never attended class should be assigned a grade of F. Students are responsible either for completing the required work in the course or withdrawing from a course for which they have been registered.  If the instructor feels an immediate failing grade is not warranted, assigning the grade of X extends the student’s opportunity to communicate with the instructor regarding a more appropriate course of action for the assignment of a final grade.