Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Slippery Rock University

Degree/Certificate Requirements


It is the students’ responsibility to complete all degree/certificate requirements and to know the university’s requirements for graduation. This is not the responsibility of the students’ advisers.

Students must meet all graduation requirements by the official end of the semester in which they have applied to graduate. Failure to do so (Incomplete grades in any course or “X” grades in required courses, no application, etc.) will result in the updating of the students’ graduation date to the end of the term/year the work is eventually completed.

Collaborative programs will be identified such that residency can be met consistent with the collaborative agreement.

Students enrolled in summer internships will have their graduation date backdated to the end of summer if they complete their internships and are graded by September 30. Students not meeting this deadline will be graduated in the following December, or later, upon completion of graduation requirements.


Completion of a graduate degree requires the following: unconditional admission to graduate studies, admission to degree candidacy, completion of the comprehensive examination and/or research requirement, completion of residency/practicum requirements if appropriate, and completion of the requisite semester hours of credit and GPA and course work. Requirements for some programs are different than the above. Students should check with the department or the Office of Graduate Admissions for specific requirements.