Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Slippery Rock University

Total Semester Hours of Credit and GPA - Graduate

A minimum quality point average of 3.000 and between 30 and 60 semester hours of approved graduate credit and other individual program requirements are required for a master’s degree. To assure a balanced and comprehensive program, additional hours may be required or desired by the student. Completion of the semester hour requirement does not in itself entitle one to receive a degree, and the university is not obligated to confer a degree upon completion of the required credit hours.

Additional degree program and university graduation requirements may apply. Requirements vary among programs; therefore, the student should check with graduate coordinators for specific degree or certificate requirements. Physical Therapy, for example, has requirements different from other programs as noted in the Graduate School of Physical Therapy Student Manual.  This also applies to the Doctor of Occupational Therapy and Ed.D. programs.