Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Slippery Rock University

Transfer Credit - Graduate

Graduate students requesting graduate transfer credit must complete the Graduate Student Transfer Credit Form and submit to the Graduate Admissions Office with official graduate transcripts. Acceptance or denial of transfer credit is not determined exclusively on the basis of the accreditation of the sending institution or the delivery method of the course(s), but is based on how well the course matches and aligns with the current curriculum of the graduate program in which the student is enrolled and with faculty approval. At times, faculty may request a syllabus to be submitted for the course the student is transferring.

A maximum of one-third or 12 semester graduate credit (course) hours (whichever is met first) of the of the program’s required total credit hours may be transferred to Slippery Rock University. For example, in a 30 credit hour graduate program, no more than 10 credits may transfer. These credits must carry at least a “B” grade, and be approved by the appropriate graduate program coordinator and the Director of Graduate Admissions. Those grades received for courses other than Slippery Rock University’s will be recorded but will not be included in the student’s cumulative grade point average.

Credits earned in extension courses and in off-campus centers of other institutions will be reviewed for acceptance. Transfer of credits from other institutions will be recommended by the graduate coordinator and be approved/disapproved by the Director of Graduate Admissions. No more than six semester hours shall be transferred from another institution if taken after a student has been admitted to a graduate program at Slippery Rock University.

Appeals of transfer credit evaluation must be made in writing to the Graduate Coordinator for review by the Graduate Coordinator and the Director of Graduate Admissions.

The Graduate Transfer of Credit Policy is reviewed annually by the Graduate Council.