Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Slippery Rock University



Students who have interrupted their attendance at SRU for any reason may resume studies at Slippery Rock University by applying for readmission.

Students in Good Academic Standing: Students who interrupted registration for one or more semesters and were in good academic standing at the conclusion of the last semester of attendance may be reactivated to attend the institution. Students can apply for readmission through Transfer Admissions; credits earned during the time away from SRU will be evaluated and posted to the student’s degree audit by Transfer Admissions.  Questions can be addressed to

Dismissal/Suspension/Probation: Students who are placed on academic suspension for the first or second time and have an interest in returning to the University after sitting out for the one or two semester period will request readmission through Transfer Admissions.  Questions can be addressed to

For best service, processing time, and advisement, students should contact the university at least a month in advance of the beginning of the term in which they wish to enter the institution. The readmission process consists of completing the online application, forwarding of all official transcripts from all institutions attended after leaving SRU and, when requested, submission of a written narrative from the student describing academic goals upon return to SRU as well as a plan to ensure academic success. 

Students who attended other institutions since their withdrawal, suspension, or dismissal from SRU or who have earned credit by exam will have their official transcripts/score reports forwarded to Transfer Admissions for the formal evaluation and posting of credits to the degree audit. 

The readmitted student should contact Financial Aid to determine how their aid may be impacted through readmission. Readmitted students are responsible for meeting all academic requirements in effect at the time they are readmitted, not at the time they were originally admitted to the university.


Graduate students should contact Graduate Admissions at or 724-738-2051 for information on readmission.    If a student is within  or out of the statute of limitations and in good academic standing, Graduate Admissions will reactivate the student’s file.  Students should complete the Request for Reactivation of Student Record.  If a student is on academic suspension, the student must appeal to the dean for retry by completing the Request for Readmission.