Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Slippery Rock University

Academic Majors - Undergraduate

All degree seeking students must declare a major. Students are responsible for meeting the major requirements in effect at the time they enter the university or change majors. When students leave the university and are later readmitted, they become responsible for meeting the major requirements in effect at the time they are readmitted.

If students would benefit from meeting a set of major requirements other than those in effect at the time they declared their major or were admitted/readmitted to the university, their adviser may request of the students’ academic dean that a different set of major requirements be met.

At the time of enrollment or by the end of the sophomore year, students must select a major. The university encourages students to select during their early semesters the exploratory (undeclared) student status if they have uncertainty or apprehension about their choice of a major. If students desire to change their major, they must complete, with departmental chairperson’s approval, the Major/Concentration Change form in the Office of Academic Records and Registration.

Using their criteria, faculty determine if a student may be admitted into their departments to pursue their major. Students may obtain these criteria from the departmental adviser or chairperson. Course requirements for a major may not be taken using a Pass/No Credit grade option. Students following “Rock Studies 2” requirements are not permitted to count any Integrated Inquiry course toward any major, minor, or concentration (including second major/minor/concentration). Students can share Thematic Thread courses with their second major/minor/concentration. Students following Liberal Studies or “Rock Studies 1” requirements should refer to their appropriate archived catalog.

Students may declare a second major by completing a Major/Concentration Change form. The requirements for all majors must be completed prior to the awarding of the student’s first baccalaureate degree. Once graduated, students may not return and add additional majors to or drop majors from their undergraduate record. Students wishing to return to the university to earn a second degree may be admitted as a post baccalaureate student and must earn at least 30 new credits in their selected major program above and beyond their first undergraduate degree.

Students may earn two majors or two degrees simultaneously. Also, the university’s modern language requirement is a bachelor of arts degree requirement and not a requirement of a major. Therefore,  students earning a second major would not be required to complete the modern language requirement for the second major. However, students earning two degrees would be required to complete the modern language requirement if one of the degrees is a B.A.

All academic majors must consist of at least 30 credits; at least 50% of which must be completed at SRU or another PASSHE university and 50% of which must be at the upper division (numbered 300 or above).