Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Slippery Rock University

Course Information - Graduate

Course Levels

500-Level Courses

A maximum of twelve 500-level course credits may be counted toward master’s degree requirements. Some departments/programs may choose to allow less than the maximum. Courses numbered below 500 do not bear graduate credit and may not be used toward the completion of a master’s degree.

600-Level Courses

Courses numbered 600 and above are for graduate credit only.  Undergraduate students requesting special permission to take graduate classes may not count the credit towards the completion of an undergraduate degree.

Dual-Numbered Courses

Graduate credit may not be earned in a dual-numbered course if undergraduate credit was earned in a course with the same title (some exceptions apply).

Student Load

Nine to 12 semester hours are usually considered a normal load for full-time graduate students. Students who wish to carry more than 15 semester hours of credit in the fall, spring, or summer terms require authorization from their graduate coordinator. Students may not register for more than 7 credits during the winter session. No graduate assistant is permitted a tuition waiver for more than 9 graduate credits per semester, depending upon the major.


A maximum of six semester hours of credit earned in graduate workshops may be applied to degree requirements.