Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Slippery Rock University

Non-Degree Student

Non-Degree Student - Undergraduate

A non-degree student is a student who does not possess a baccalaureate degree and wishes to enroll for undergraduate level credit coursework at Slippery Rock University for enrichment and does not intend to use the course work toward a degree program at an institution of higher education. Non-degree admission is valid for one semester at a time. Students who wish to enroll as non-degree students may reapply for admission for subsequent terms until a maximum of 30 semester hours have been completed, at which time further enrollment is precluded in the non-degree status. Non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid.

Non-Degree Student - Graduate

Students who have earned a bachelor's or master's degree may apply as a graduate non-degree student. University policy permits graduate non-degree students to earn a total maximum of 12 semester hours. The credits earned under the graduate non-degree status may not automatically count toward a future graduate degree program. In addition, graduate non-degree students are not eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid.

Students wishing to pursue admission to a degree program must submit a formal degree-seeking application along with all other required credentials from your academic program of interest. Information about degree programs is available at