Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Slippery Rock University

Writing Outcomes For Slippery Rock University Graduates - Undergraduate

  1.  Programs may ensure that their graduates attain the outcomes for writing ability determined for their disciplines through any of the following methods:
    1. The outcomes could be demonstrated through work completed in a number of courses. Faculty in a program would identify the courses and the number of courses that could ensure graduates would attain the designated writing outcomes.
    2. Each program could designate course(s) either within the major or outside the major that students would need to complete in order to attain the writing outcomes for their major program.
    3. The program’s faculty could be charged with incorporating writing outcome in all courses within a program. Writing outcomes for the program would be accomplished through the practice of writing within the discipline throughout the program and demonstrated through production of a graduation portfolio during the senior year. The portfolio could be graded anew, or consist of already graded completed writing.
    4. A program could use a combination of any of the above methods to ensure its graduates’ attainment of the writing outcomes designated for the program.
  2. Writing outcomes required of graduates of a major program should always be determined by the faculty teaching within the program; those same faculty should always determine whether the writing outcomes are being met.
  3. The university assessment core committee will evaluate and approve each major program’s plan to implement and assess writing outcomes for the program’s graduates. Each plan should include the following as appropriate:
    1. A rationale for the method used to determine the graduation writing outcomes that would include accreditation standards and/or best practices in the discipline.
    2. A description of the graduation learning outcomes for the program.
    3. The curriculum for the program.
    4. A rubric that will assess the plan’s coherence with the university’s, accreditation agency’s, and/or discipline’s stated writing outcomes for graduates.
    5. If a course or set of courses is chosen, course outline(s) highlighting graduation writing outcomes should be submitted.
    6. If a graduation portfolio is chosen, the rationale should specify the writing outcomes targeted and an explanation of how they will be demonstrated by the student in the portfolio presentation.
  4. The university will provide for support to assist programs in the development of implementation and assessment plans, and in faculty development regarding writing instruction within a discipline. This support may come from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Educational Technology, the university’s assessment core committee, or some other entity developed for the purpose of enhancing writing outcomes among SRU graduates. The Writing Center will continue to provide support for students as they develop their writing abilities.