Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Slippery Rock University

Summer and Winter Sessions

Summer sessions at Slippery Rock University are as follows:  

  • Pre-Session (two and one-half weeks)
  • Session I (four weeks)
  • Session II (four weeks)
  • Summer Term (eight weeks)
  • Full Summer (ten weeks)
  • Post-Session for Internships
  • Extended Summer Term (Physician Assistant Students Only)

Information on the summer sessions is made available through an online summer schedule, which may be accessed from the Academic Records and Registration website in mid-March. 

Students may enroll for up to 6 credits in Pre-Session, 7 credits in Sessions I and II and 12 credits in Full Summer, Summer Term and Post-Session. Undergraduates may take no more than 18 credits for all summer sessions combined. For more information about summer sessions, please visit the Summer Session webpage.

Winter session runs between fall and spring semesters. All courses are offered online, at the Regional Learning Alliance, or off-campus (internships). Students are permitted to take up to 7 credits in Winter session. Information on Winter session is made available through a Winter Session webpage in early November.