Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Slippery Rock University

Pass-No Credit Grades - Undergraduate

Select courses in some programs are designed and offered only on a Pass/No-Credit basis; students cannot take those courses with any other grade option.

In regularly-graded courses, sophomore, junior, and senior students may opt, with adviser approval, for Pass/No-Credit grading. The following rules govern this option:

  1. Only free electives can be taken P/NC.
  2. Courses taken P/NC may NOT be used to fulfill a major, a minor, the BA requirement for a modern language, or the University’s Liberal Studies/Rock Studies requirements.
  3. The P/NC option exists only for undergraduate courses, not graduate courses.
  4. P/NC classes are NOT used in calculating GPAs.
  5. P/NC classes are used in calculating total credits for graduation.
  6. A student may opt for only one P/NC class in any given semester; those required courses with only P/NC grading do not “count” against this maximum.
  7. A student may opt for no more than 12 hours total of P/NC free electives during the sophomore, junior, and senior years.
  8. A grade of D is considered passing in the case of P/NC classes.