Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Slippery Rock University

Pass-No Credit Grades - Undergraduate

Students, with adviser’s approval, may schedule a maximum of 12 credits of pass-no credit grading in the sophomore, junior and senior years combined. Students must select these courses at registration and cannot change the pass-no credit designations after the second week of the fall and spring semesters. For these 12 credits, only free elective courses may be taken on a pass-no credit basis. Pass-no credit courses may not be used to satisfy major, minor, the BA modern language, and the university’s liberal studies/Rock Studies program requirements. Some selected courses are not included in the 12-credit limitation. Students may not take more than one pass-no credit course during a semester.

Courses taken under the pass-no credit system are not used in computing the student’s GPA. Credit for such courses is recorded toward meeting the total credit requirements if the course is passed. A grade of NC (no credit) will be recorded if the course is failed.

Pass-no credit is not synonymous with audit. In pass-no credit, all course requirements must be met.