Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Slippery Rock University

Final Examinations

At the end of each semester, all final examinations are to be administered during the time stipulated in the final examination schedule, which is available online. The decision to give a final examination is the prerogative of the faculty member. If a final examination is to be given, the examination is to be administered according to the time indicated in the examination schedule. Classes will meet during the scheduled examination time if no examinations are given. The appropriate dean must approve any exception to this policy.

Students with three or more examinations on the same day or two examinations scheduled at the same time may discuss having one of the examinations rescheduled by consulting with the student's instructors. Make up examinations should be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the faculty member and the student or during one of the final examination conflict timeframes as noted on the final examination schedule.