Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Slippery Rock University

Special Recognition of Academic Achievement

Special Recognition of Academic Achievement

Slippery Rock University faculty and administration place a high value on the academic accomplishments of its students. SRU’s academic reputation and its stature in the community of universities are tied inextricably to the scholastic achievements of its students. The university’s rich and extensive resources provide a foundation of support for the realization of this goal. Scholarly and dedicated university faculty strive to challenge students’ intellectual development and their achievement of excellence. The university community believes that student efforts in the attainment of high levels of scholarship deserve appropriate recognition and officially acknowledges student achievement throughout the academic year.

Celebration of Achievement

In the spring, the university observes its Celebration of Achievement, a series of events, ceremonies and receptions to recognize our students' academic and leadership excellence. Among those honored are the twenty students in the sophomore, junior, and senior classes who attain the highest cumulative averages for coursework completed at Slippery Rock University. These individuals are presented with the Presidential Scholar Award. A separate event recognizes students on the Dean’s list. The Celebration of Achievement also includes the Symposium for Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity, a day-long event in which students present their research and scholarship, creative performances, and art works to the campus community. The Celebration of Achievement honors our students’ successes and serves to set the tone for an academic atmosphere where excellence in scholastic endeavors is given the highest priority.

Academic Honors Month

During the month of April, many of the university colleges and departments honor their students who have excelled academically. The events take various forms, including banquets that are held on and/or off campus where recognition awards are presented. In addition, the director of the Honors College coordinates a month-long program of lectures, seminars and presentation of papers by Slippery Rock University students and faculty and by special guests.