Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Slippery Rock University

Housing and Residence Life

The philosophy of university residence halls at Slippery Rock University is educational and intended for student development that maintains that residence halls are not merely places to eat and sleep, but rather, communities in which students grow and develop. This development occurs in out-of-class learning experiences through participation in various activities assisting development at a personal, social and academic level. To achieve these objectives, the Housing and Residence Life staff offer opportunities to meet a wide variety of needs. Full-time professional staff members known as Assistant Directors/Associate Directors of Residence Life supervise the on-campus residence halls, with the Assistance of professional Area Coordinators. Each residence hall floor section has a Community Assistant assigned to provide educational and social programs to assist in the operation of the facility, offer support for the residents, and be available for emergency purposes. There are eight university-managed residence halls and one apartment complex, housing approximately 2,800 students. Six of the eight residence halls offer suite style housing with a variety of room styles. Each of the residential suite units provide in room bathroom facilities for the residents of that unit. The remaining two halls are traditional style with double rooms and communal restroom facilities. All SRU residence hall and apartments are air-conditioned.

Residence hall rooms and apartments are furnished with beds, chairs, desks, and window covers (shades). The beds are supplied with a mattress only. Students furnish their own blankets, pillows, towels, bedspreads, dresser covers, pillowcases, and sheets. Students may bring their own drapes and other accessories to personalize their living environment. Self-service laundries are available in each apartment building and residence hall. Lounges and recreation areas are available in each hall. A refrigerator and microwave are provided in each of the residential suite style units (Building A-F; Rock Apartments). Common kitchens equipped with microwaves and oven is available in each of the residence halls for students to prepare snacks.

Housing and Residence Life is responsible for housing students who select to live in a university-owned residence hall. All freshmen and sophomores, except those who verify they live with their parents or legal guardians within a reasonable commuting distance, are required to live on campus. While the University provides housing for non-traditional students, freshmen over the age of 21 may request permission to live off campus. All such requests must be submitted to the Office of Housing and Residence Life via a online request form. During the period of November-January, current students submit housing agreements for the following year. These materials appear on the student’s MyHousing portal when the process begins.

Slippery Rock University has a diverse student population living in university residences. Therefore, in compliance with the Pennsylvania Fair Education Practice Act, all residence assignments are made without regard to race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, national origin, handicap or disability, record of a handicap or disability, or relationship or association with an individual with a handicap or disability, use of a guide or support animal, and/or handling or training of support or guide animals. Having accepted the Act, the university believes that a cross section of cultures provides a pluralistic community environment and exceptional opportunities for student development.

The Office of Housing and Residence Life provides six living learning communities for residence hall students. These communities offer an opportunity for students to apply to live with other students who share similar majors. Information regarding the living learning communities is available along with housing agreement materials.

Students who reside in university-owned residence halls must contract to eat in the university dining facilities. No extensive cooking is permitted in the residence halls.

Campus residence halls will be closed to all students during university vacation periods and also between summer sessions and semesters. All students will be expected to leave the residence halls no later than 24 hours after their last examination. A designated residence hall will be open for summer sessions. Break housing is made available for an extra per night fee for those who sign up during certain break periods (such as Thanksgiving and Spring Break).

The Housing and Residence Life staff is always pleased to offer help and assistance! Please visit our website for a variety of resources or find us on Facebook at SRUResidenceLife. Our central office staff is available Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM to receive your call at 724.738.2082.