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Music Education, Minor

The Minor in Music Education minor is the most flexible of our four minors in music for education at SRU.  This minor allows the student to tailor their interest towards developing skills that could be used for volunteer or paid positions with school or community music opportunities, such as serving on marching band staffs, directing or assisting with community musicals or choirs, working in early childhood centers, or leading music for camps.

The minor also allows students majoring in education (elementary, middle-level, secondary, etc.) an opportunity to stack credentials, providing a competitive edge for supplemental teaching opportunities in their local districts. 

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Minor GPA: 2.00 or higher


  • Students must complete at least 9 credit hours of MUSI in their minor from SRU.
  • Students must complete at least 6 credit hours in their minor from SRU.
  • A minimum of 6 credit hours must be upper division (courses numbered 300 and above).
  • A minor shall be no fewer than 18 credits.
  • Students must earn a grade of "C" or higher in all coursework.
Required Foundations of Music Coursework
MUSI 151Music Theory and Musicking I2
MUSI 154Musicianship Skills I1
MUSI 203Musician's Health1
MUSI 253Music Theory and Analysis II2
MUSI 256Musicianship Skills II1
Required Foundations of Music Education Coursework6
Introduction to Music Education
Music Education for Diverse Learners
Performance Study
Select 2 credits from the following:2
Class Piano I
Class Piano II
Class Voice I
Voice Methods
Functional Guitar for Music Therapy I
Functional Guitar for Music Therapy II
Applied Music
Applied Voice
Applied Strings
Applied Brass
Applied Woodwinds
Applied Percussion
Class Piano III
Class Piano IV
Applied Piano
Applied Voice
Applied Strings
Applied Brass
Applied Woodwinds
Applied Percussion
Select 4 credits total, 1 at each level (1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX); 1 credit may come from these Chamber Ensembles4
MUSI 109-409
Jazz Combo 1
MUSI 113-413
Saxophone Quartets 1
MUSI 114-414
Symphonic Wind Ensemble
MUSI 115-415
Concert Choir
MUSI 116-416
University Choir
MUSI 117-417
Chamber Singers 1
MUSI 118-418
Marching Pride
MUSI 119-419
Concert Band
MUSI 120-420
Jazz Ensemble
MUSI 121-421
Symphony Orchestra
MUSI 122-422
Chamber String Ensemble 1
MUSI 123-423
Brass Ensemble 1
MUSI 125-425
Percussion Ensemble 1
MUSI 126-426
Flute Choir 1
MUSI 192-492
Tuba-Euphonium Ensemble 1
MUSI 193-493
Jazz Lab Band 1
MUSI 194-494
World Percussion Ensemble 1
MUSI 196-496
Winter Guard
Chamber Music Performance 1
MUSI 237, 437
Opera Performance 1
Music Education Electives
Select 6 credits - at least 4 credits must be at the 300/400 level6
Guitar, Ukulele, & Bass Methods
Low Brass Methods
Art and Science of Performing
Fundamentals of Conducting
Clarinet and Saxophone Methods
Fundamentals of Conducting Lab
Percussion Methods
Field Experience in Music 2: Pre-K Experience
Marching Band Techniques
Orchestral String Methods
Vocal & Choral Methods
Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary General Music Methods
Instrumental Methods
Instrumental Rehearsal Techniques
Integrated Music Methods Lab
Flute, Oboe, & Bassoon Methods
High Brass Methods
Advanced Conducting
Choral Rehearsal Techniques
Total Hours25

Ensembles requirement must include 4 credits, 1 credit at each level (1XX, 2XX, 3XX, 4XX).  Only 1 credit may come from Chamber Ensembles.


Some courses may require pre-requisites. Please see course descriptions to determine if there are any pre-requisites for that specific course.

Important Curriculum Guide Notes

This Curriculum Guide is provided to help SRU students and prospective students better understand their intended major curriculum. Enrolled SRU students should note that the My Rock Audit may place already-earned and/or in progress courses in different, yet valid, curriculum categories. Enrolled SRU students should use the My Rock Audit Report and materials and information provided by their faculty advisers to ensure accurate progress towards degree completion. The information on this guide is current as of the date listed. Students are responsible for curriculum requirements at the time of enrollment at the University.

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