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American Politics, Minor

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  • Substantive Knowledge: Political Science students will demonstrate substantive knowledge of institutions, processes and values that shape politics within and among states, and the major theories, concepts, foundations, and methodologies used in the study of politics. (UG 9)
  • Critical Thinking: Political Science students will develop the capacity to think critically about local, state, national, and global politics. (UG 2)
  • Effective Communication: Political Science students will be able to present and defend their ideas, the information that they have acquired, and the analyses developed while utilizing scholarly approaches in political science. (UG 1)
  • Research Skills: Political Science students will demonstrate competency with basic tools underlying modern social and political science research, including proficiency in both quantitative and qualitative analysis, which will allow students to ask and answer basic political questions. (UG 3, UG 4)
  • Engagement in Politics: Political Science students will be prepared for active citizenship and demonstrate an ongoing interest in local, state, national and global politics. (UG 7)

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Curriculum Guide

GPA Requirement

Minor GPA: 2.0 or higher

Minor Requirements

  • Students must complete at least 6 credit hours in their minor from SRU
  • A minimum of 6 credit hours must be upper division (courses numbered 300 and above)
  • A minor shall be no fewer than 18 credits
Required Courses
Select six courses from the following – three courses must be 300 level or higher:18
American National Government
State and Local Government
Law and Courts
Organized Political Action
The Presidency
The Congress
Assessing Public Opinion
The Political Film
Politics of Race
Seminar in Religion and Politics
Gay and Lesbian Politics
Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Campaign Management & Strategy
Women and Politics
Constitutional Law
Total Hours18

Some courses may require pre-requisites. Please see course descriptions to determine if there are any pre-requisites for that specific course.

Important Curriculum Guide Notes

This Curriculum Guide is provided to help SRU students and prospective students better understand their intended major curriculum. Enrolled SRU students should note that the My Rock Audit may place already-earned and/or in progress courses in different, yet valid, curriculum categories. Enrolled SRU students should use the My Rock Audit Report and materials and information provided by their faculty advisers to ensure accurate progress towards degree completion. The information on this guide is current as of the date listed. Students are responsible for curriculum requirements at the time of enrollment at the University.

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Minor in American Politics (68A)
This program is effective as of Fall 2019
Revised 10.20.2022
UCC 10.11.2022