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Dance: Pedagogy, Minor

The Dance Pedagogy Minor prepares students to integrate the teaching of dance into educational scenarios in the public or private sectors. Courses such as Wellness for Dancers, Creative Dance for Children, Teaching of Dance and Dance Composition, among other courses, will equip you with the necessary tools to be an effective, safe, and knowledgeable dance teacher. Graduates with this minor may pursue careers in dance studios, pre-schools, elementary and middle schools, specialized arts camps, fitness centers, and youth and community centers. Students who major in Education, Psychology, Exercise Science, Theatre, Communication, Business Administration, Art and Music, among others, have successfully completed the Dance Pedagogy Minor and integrated their skills and knowledge into their professions. Students who attain this minor are also eligible for the Creative Dance Professinal Licensure through the PA Department of Education. An audition is required for acceptance to the Dance Pedagogy Minor. 

To access Minor Requirements, please view the Curriculum Guide tab.

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Curriculum Guide

GPA Requirement

Minor GPA: 2.00 or higher

Minor Requirements

  • Students must complete at least 6 credit hours in their minor from SRU
  • A minimum of 3 credit hours must be upper division (courses numbered 300 and above)
  • A minor shall be no fewer than 18 credits.
Core Requirements
DANC 130Dance: Art and Culture3
or DANC 305 Society and Social Dance
DANC 101Wellness for Dancers3
DANC 125Experiencing Dance: Techniques and Styles3
DANC 200Dance Composition I3
DANC 223Creative Dance for Children3
DANC 224Improvisation3
DANC 323Teaching of Dance 13
DANC 350Field Experience in Dance Technique1
Select 2 credits from the following:2
Modern Dance Technique: Level II
Ballet II
Jazz Dance II
Dances of Selected Cultures
Modern Dance Technique: Level III
Ballet III
Jazz Dance III
Total Hours24

Some courses may require pre-requisites. Please see course descriptions to determine if there are any pre-requisites for that specific course.


Highly recommended that students register for a dance technique class (DANC 220, DANC 221, DANC 222, DANC 298, DANC 320, DANC 321, or DANC 322) while completing this requirement.

Important Curriculum Guide Notes

This Curriculum Guide is provided to help SRU students and prospective students better understand their intended major curriculum. Enrolled SRU students should note that the My Rock Audit may place already-earned and/or in progress courses in different, yet valid, curriculum categories. Enrolled SRU students should use the My Rock Audit Report and materials and information provided by their faculty advisers to ensure accurate progress towards degree completion. The information on this guide is current as of the date listed. Students are responsible for curriculum requirements at the time of enrollment at the University.

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This program is effective as of Fall 2020
Revision date: 11.23.2022
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