Academic Catalog 2024-2025

Slippery Rock University

Social Work - Advanced Standing, Master of Social Work (MSW)

Program Learning Outcomes

  • To prepare professionals to be competent and ethical in social work practice settings through demonstrated mastery of the MSW Program’s core clinical competencies. GO 1, 2
  • To prepare professionals to effectively identify, apply and evaluate evidence-based interventions. GO 1,2,3
  • To prepare committed social work practitioners to assume leadership roles. GO 1,3
  • To prepare social workers to recognize the impact of globalization on society and advocate for social, economic and environmental justice in diverse communities. GO 1,2,3

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Curriculum Guide

Required Courses
SOWK 615Clinical Social Work & the DSM3
SOWK 620Human Rights, Social Justice & Policy3
SOWK 630Clinical Practice With Children & Families3
SOWK 635Clinical Practice With Adults3
SOWK 710Qualitative Research3
SOWK 730Practice Skills Following Crises3
SOWK 750Field Education II3
SOWK 750Field Education II3
Clinical Electives
Select 5 courses from the following:15
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Disaster Management
Trauma-Informed Care
Social Work With Families Impacted By Trauma
Behavioral Health Services in Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice
Intervention for Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence
Forensic Social Work in Corrections
Animal-Assisted Social Work
Grief & Loss: Theory & Skills for Intervention
Animal-Assisted Social Work with Kids
Animal-Assisted Social Work With Seniors
Animal-Assisted Crisis Response
Total Hours39

Important Curriculum Guide Notes

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Revised: 04.30.2024

Recommended Course Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
SOWK 615 Clinical Social Work & the DSM 3
SOWK 620 Human Rights, Social Justice & Policy 3
SOWK 635 Clinical Practice With Adults 3
SOWK Elective 3
SOWK 750 Field Education II 3
SOWK 630 Clinical Practice With Children & Families 3
SOWK 710 Qualitative Research 3
SOWK 730 Practice Skills Following Crises 3
SOWK Elective 3
SOWK 750 Field Education II 3
SOWK Elective 3
SOWK Elective 3
SOWK Elective 3
 Total Hours**39

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Revised: 07.02.2024