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Athletic Training, Master of Science (MS)

The Athletic Training (AT) Graduate Program at Slippery Rock University is a combination of rigorous academic instruction and authentic clinical experience. The AT Graduate Program prepares proficient healthcare practitioners who will collaborate with other medical professionals to optimize the activity and wellness of patients and clients in sport, work, and life. Students are fully engaged in the science of athletic training focused on patient-centered injury and illness prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care. Specifically, the SRU AT Graduate Program emphasizes a distinct concentration on advanced therapeutic rehabilitation interventions.

The AT Graduate Program is guided by the athletic training professional standards as well as the core program values of professionalism, respect, compassion, inter-professional education, evidence-based practice and student-centered learning. Students develop communication, collaboration, organization, teamwork, problem-solving and decision-making skills necessary for proficient practice with a diverse population.

The AT graduate program will require 57 credits of classroom courses and clinical experiences offered sequentially over four consecutive semesters and one summer to promote progressive, higher-order learning over time.  Students will matriculate full-time in a cohort. Because the SRU MSAT program utilizes a cohort model, it does not offer advanced placement or accept athletic training graduate transfer credits. 

Undergraduate students enrolled in an approved 3+2 Pre-Athletic Training major with prerequisite courses will apply for admission during the third undergraduate year and be able to complete the SRU AT Graduate Program in a fifth year (3+2). Students with earned degrees and prerequisites will apply for admission and complete the AT Graduate Program in two years (4+2).

Students successfully completing the AT Graduate Program are eligible to take the Board of Certification (BOC) Inc. examination. Graduates who pass the BOC examination are qualified to deliver quality healthcare in various employment settings such as high schools, colleges, professional sports, industrial, military and performing arts. Graduates are also prepared to contribute to the global medical community by reducing healthcare costs, improving healthcare accessibility, preventing and managing diseases, and promoting wellness. Additionally, athletic trainers must hold licensure credentials in the state they practice.  As regulations vary by state, please check the proper state regulatory credentials.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Upon successful completion of the Athletic Training Graduate Program, students will be able to:
    • Analyze best practices and evidence for advanced clinical decision making in patient-centered care.
    • Assess, design, and deliver proficient care as primary healthcare providers, with an emphasis in advanced rehabilitation interventions.
    • Perform independently and collaboratively within the greater healthcare network.
    • Exhibit positive, ethical, professional, and interpersonal behaviors as athletic trainers.
    • Transition successfully to employment in a variety of athletic training settings.

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Curriculum Guide

ATTR 601Athletic Training Foundations and Techniques I3
ATTR 602Athletic Training Foundations and Techniques II3
ATTR 603Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training3
ATTR 604Clinical Anatomy and Kinesiology in Athletic Training - I3
ATTR 605Lower Extremity Evaluation and Rehabilitation6
ATTR 606Upper Extremity Evaluation and Rehabilitation6
ATTR 607General Medicine Concepts in Athletic Training3
ATTR 608Clinical Anatomy and Kinesiology in Athletic Training - II3
ATTR 609Head and Spine Evaluation and Rehabilitation3
ATTR 610Athletic Training Clinical Experiences I3
ATTR 710Athletic Training Clinical Experience II3
ATTR 715Advanced Interventions and Techniques in Athletic Training3
ATTR 725Athletic Training Administration3
ATTR 750Advanced Athletic Training Clinical Residency6
ATTR 755Advanced Synthesis in Athletic Training3
ATTR 760Athletic Training Clinical Experiences III3
Total Hours57

Important Curriculum Guide Notes

This Curriculum Guide is provided to help SRU students and prospective students better understand their intended major curriculum. Enrolled SRU students should note that the My Rock Audit may place already-earned and/or in progress courses in different, yet valid, curriculum categories. Enrolled SRU students should use the My Rock Audit Report and materials and information provided by their faculty advisers to ensure accurate progress towards degree completion. The information on this guide is current as of the date listed. Students are responsible for curriculum requirements at the time of enrollment at the University.

PASSHE - Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Institutions

Major Code: 9MAT

Recommended Course Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
ATTR 601 Athletic Training Foundations and Techniques I 3
ATTR 602 Athletic Training Foundations and Techniques II 3
ATTR 603 Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic Training 3
ATTR 604 Clinical Anatomy and Kinesiology in Athletic Training - I 3
ATTR 605 Lower Extremity Evaluation and Rehabilitation 6
ATTR 610 Athletic Training Clinical Experiences I 3
ATTR 606 Upper Extremity Evaluation and Rehabilitation 6
ATTR 607 General Medicine Concepts in Athletic Training 3
ATTR 608 Clinical Anatomy and Kinesiology in Athletic Training - II 3
ATTR 609 Head and Spine Evaluation and Rehabilitation 3
ATTR 710 Athletic Training Clinical Experience II 3
Second Year
ATTR 725 Athletic Training Administration 3
ATTR 750 Advanced Athletic Training Clinical Residency 6
ATTR 715 Advanced Interventions and Techniques in Athletic Training 3
ATTR 760 Athletic Training Clinical Experiences III 3
ATTR 755 Advanced Synthesis in Athletic Training 3
 Total Hours**57

** This document is meant to serve as a guide. Please consult with your academic adviser and refer to your curriculum guide prior to registering for courses. This plan should be reviewed, and verified, by you and your academic adviser at least once each academic year.

Major Code: 9MAT
Revised Date: 02.25.2021