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Lifelong Wellness Through Innovative Leadership, Master of Science (MS) - Concentration in School Wellness Education

The School Wellness Education concentration is ideal for teachers and other professional that are interested in creating a healthier society through schools by placing the student and their wellbeing at the forefront of the curriculum. This concentration will prepare graduates to implement the School Wellness Education model, a unique approach to teaching health and physical education in schools, that is based on current national standards. 

  • A 30-credit hour program with a flexible option for learners who prefer to go at their own pace or need to fit the program into their unique schedule as a working professional. 
  • Courses are 100% online with flexibility to learn from anywhere.
  • Core courses during the fall or spring semester and remaining credits offered during the winter and summer terms.


  • Communication and Technology: Demonstrate effective communication in speech and in writing, using appropriate tools, techniques, and technologies (GSLO 3)
  • Professional Proficiency: Acquire and apply knowledge and skills to meet professional competencies in physical activity and wellbeing. (GSLO 1,2)
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Evaluate information and ideas to utilize well-supported evidence to create programming for physical activity and wellbeing. (GSLO 1,2)
  • Advocacy: Integrate social ecological determinants of physical activity and wellbeing to contribute to the betterment of society through inclusion, empowerment, and civic engagement. (GSLO 1,2,3)
  • Leadership: Develop leadership skills to make interdisciplinary connections and promote healthy and physically active lifestyles for all. (GSLO 1,2,3)


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Lifelong Wellness Fact Sheet

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  • Overall/Major GPA: 3.00 or higher
Required Courses
PE 685Fundraising and Grant Writing3
PE 740Application of Research for Physical Activity and Wellbeing3
PE 745Leadership Training in Physical Activity and Well-Being3
PE 750Internship 16
Concentration - School Wellness Education Requirements
PE 601Pedagogy in School Wellness Education3
PE 602Advocating for School and Community Wellness3
PE 603Educational Technology for School Wellness3
PE 604Personalizing Learning in Health and Physical Education3
Graduate Elective3
Optional Teacher Certification Courses
PE 605Field Experience in School Wellness Education3
PE 755Student Teaching9
Total Hours42

Optionally students may select two elective courses in consultation with academic adviser.

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Major in Lifelong Wellness Through Innovative Leadership - (9LWO)
Concentration in School Wellness Education (SCWO)
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