Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Slippery Rock University

Rock Studies Quick Guide

Rock Studies Quick Guide

The Rock Studies Program at Slippery Rock University is the general education requirements for all academic majors for incoming freshman. Since some majors prescribe specific courses within each category, student should use this guide along with the curriculum guide and the My Rock Audit to make course selections in consultation with their adviser.

The Rock (15 Credits)

The Rock (15 Credits)

SUBJ 139University Seminar3
ENGL 102Critical Writing3
ENGL 104Critical Reading3
MATH 117Quantitative Reasoning3
Select one of the following:3
Civil Discourse: Theory & Practice
Ethics and Civil Discourse
Civil Discourse and Democracy

Integrated Inquiry (15 Credits)

Creative and Aesthetic Inquiry (3 Credits)

ART 225Overview of Western Art3
DANC 100Dance: Art and Culture3
MUSI 101Exploring Music3
THEA 141Art of the Theatre3

Humanities Inquiry (3 Credits)

ARAB 215Topics in Arabic Culture3
ENGL 214Introduction to Film Analysis3
ENGL 220Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies3
FREN 215Topics in French and Francophone Culture3
GNDR 115Introduction to Gender Studies3
HIST 140Spotlight on the Past3
JAPN 215Topics in Japanese Culture3
MODL 105Introduction to Asian Civilizations3
PHIL 101Philosophical Inquiry3
PHIL 123Ethics3
PHIL 140World Religions3
PHIL 163Philosophy in Literature3
SPAN 215Topics in Hispanic Culture3

Social Science Inquiry (3 Credits)

COMM 110Communication Concepts3
COMM 263Mass Media and Society3
CPSC 102Collaborative Information Technology and Society3
CRIM 120Crime: Why Do We Do It?3
CSS 100Modern Security3
ECON 201Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics3
GES 170Discover Geography3
INDP 201Principles of Sociology3
INDP 202Introduction to Anthropology3
NLPA 120Civic Engagement and Community Decision-Making3
PE 232Physical Activity and Wellbeing in Society3
POLS 101American National Government3
POLS 103International Relations3
PSYC 105Introduction to Psychology3

Natural Sciences Inquiry (3 Credits)

SCI 101Science of Life3

Physical Sciences Inquiry (3 Credits)

SCI 102Understanding the Physical World3

Thematic Threads (12 Credits)

Thematic Threads (12 Credits)

  • Students should declare a thread in consultation with their academic adviser.
  • Select 12 credits from at least 3 categories; no more than 6 credits from 1 department; 6 credits must be 300-level or above.
  • Thematic Thread Categories:
    • The Arts
    • Culture, Discourse, and Ideas
    • Science, Technology, and Mathematics
    • Society and Institutions
    • Self-Care and Well-Being
    • Global Learning and Diversity
    • Civic Knowledge and Engagement
    • Ethical Reasoning

Available Thematic Threads

To view a listing of all available Thematic Threads, visit the Thematic Threads page