Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Slippery Rock University

Liberal Studies Guide

Goal Course Requirements

Complete Goal requirements as indicated below (36-39 credits)

Basic Requirements (9 credits)

Complete all Basic Requirements:

ENGL 102Critical Writing3
ENGL 104Critical Reading3
COMM 200Civil Discourse: Theory & Practice3

Other Basic Requirements (0-3 credits)

ACSD 110Beginning Algebra3

Arts Goal (3 credits)

Choose 1 Goal Course from the following:

ART 225Overview of Western Art3
ART 226Overview of World Art3
DANC 100Dance: Art and Culture3
MUSI 101Exploring Music3
THEA 141Art of the Theatre3

Global Community - Non-US Goal (6 credits)

Choose 2 Goal courses from the following in different departments (all language courses considered one department).
ARAB, FREN, JAPN, SPAN 215 taught in English.

ARAB 101Arabic Language and Culture I3
ARAB 102Arabic Language and Culture II3
ARAB 103Arabic Language and Culture III3
ARAB 202Intermediate Arabic I3
ARAB 215Topics in Arabic Culture3
BUSA 130Dynamics of Global Commerce3
CHIN 101Chinese Language and Culture I3
CHIN 102Chinese Language and Culture II3
CHIN 103Chinese Language and Culture III3
CHIN 202Intermediate Chinese I3
CRIM 105Human Diversity3
FREN 101French Language and Culture I3
FREN 102French Language and Culture II3
FREN 103French Language and Culture III3
FREN 201French Conversation 13
FREN 215Topics in French and Francophone Culture3
FREN 220Reading in French3
FREN 300French Grammar and Composition 13
FREN 301French Conversation 23
FREN 303Professional French3
FREN 305France through the Ages3
FREN 306France and Francophone Identities Today3
FREN 320Main Currents in French Literature3
FREN 330French Literature from the 18th Century to the Present3
FREN 350French Linguistics and Phonetics3
FREN 400French Grammar and Composition 23
FREN 401French Conversation 33
FREN 402Eighteenth-Century Novel3
FREN 403Nineteenth-Century French Literature3
FREN 404Exploring French Culture through Media3
FREN 411Literature of the Classical Period3
FREN 430French Literature 12th to 17th Century3
GERM 101German Language and Culture I3
GERM 102German Language and Culture II3
GERM 103German Language and Culture III3
GERM 201Communication in German3
GERM 220Reading in German3
GERM 257German Immersion3
GERM 300German Grammar Review3
GERM 303Business German3
GERM 307German Conversation and Composition 13
GERM 308German Conversation and Composition 23
GERM 320Main Currents in German Literature3
GERM 350German Linguistics and Phonetics3
GERM 400Advanced Grammar3
GERM 411Contemporary German Literature3
GES 100Discover Geography3
GES 105World Regional Geography3
HIST 151Ancient and Medieval World3
HIST 152Rise of the Modern World3
HIST 153Contemporary World History3
INDP 202Introduction to Anthropology3
ITAL 101Italian Language and Culture I3
ITAL 102Italian Language and Culture II3
ITAL 103Italian Language and Culture III3
JAPN 101Japanese Language and Culture I3
JAPN 102Japanese Language and Culture II3
JAPN 103Japanese Language and Culture III3
JAPN 202Intermediate Japanese I3
JAPN 215Topics in Japanese Culture3
KORN 101Korean Language and Culture I3
KORN 102Korean Language and Culture II3
KORN 103Korean Language and Culture III3
KORN 202Intermediate Korean I3
KORN 306Modern Korean Civilization3
MGMT 130Dynamics of Global Commerce3
MODL 105Introduction to Asian Civilizations3
POLS 103International Relations3
RUSS 101Russian Language and Culture I3
RUSS 102Russian Language and Culture II3
RUSS 103Russian Language and Culture III3
RUSS 202Intermediate Russian I3
RUSS 270Study in the Republic of Russia1-3
RUSS 301Advanced Russian 13
RUSS 302Advanced Russian 23
SOWK 105Human Diversity3
SPAN 101Spanish Language & Culture I3
SPAN 102Spanish Language & Culture II3
SPAN 103Spanish Language & Culture III3
SPAN 104Situational Spanish3
SPAN 200Writing in Spanish for the Professions I3
SPAN 201Speaking in Spanish for the Professions I3
SPAN 215Topics in Hispanic Culture3
SPAN 220Understanding Hispanic Cultures Through Reading3
SPAN 300Writing in Spanish for the Professions II3
SPAN 301Speaking in Spanish for the Professions II3
SPAN 302Communication in Spanish for the Elementary Classroom3
SPAN 303Developing Communicative and Cultural Competence for the Workplace3
SPAN 305Spain Today3
SPAN 307U.S. Latino Cultures3
SPAN 309Hispanic Civilization for the K-12 Classroom3
SPAN 315Spanish Study Abroad3
SPAN 318Hispanic Children's Literature for the K-12 Classroom3
SPAN 326The Civilization of Spanish America: Precolumbian to 19th Century3
SPAN 328Latin American Today3
SPAN 330Spanish Literature 1800 to Present3
SPAN 332Spanish American Literature - 19th Century to Present3
SPAN 340Introduction to Translation3
SPAN 350The Sounds of Spanish3
SPAN 400Writing in Spanish for the Professions III3
SPAN 401Speaking in Spanish for the Professions III3
SPAN 431Exploring Spanish Culture through Media3
SPAN 432Exploring Latin American Cultures through Media3

Global Community - US Goal (3 credits)

Choose 1 Goal course from the following:

ACCT 101Taxes in America3
GES 202United States and Canada3
HIST 201Colonial America to 18153
HIST 202United States, 1815-19203
HIST 203U.S. History Since 19203
NLPA 120Civic Engagement and Community Decision-Making3
PHIL 170American Philosophy3
POLS 101American National Government3

Human Institutions and Interpersonal Relationships Goal (3 credits)

Choose 1 Goal course from the following:

COMM 110Communication Concepts3
COMM 263Mass Media and Society3
CPSC 102Collaborative Information Technology and Society3
CRIM 110Introduction to Criminology & Criminal Justice Systems3
CSLD 251Leadership Theory3
HCAM 230US Healthcare Systems3
HLTH 101Personal Health3
INDP 201Principles of Sociology3
NLPA 220Introduction to Nonprofit Management3
PCRM 104Foundations in Sustainability3
PHIL 101Philosophical Inquiry3
PHIL 123Ethics3
PSYC 105Introduction to Psychology3

Math Goal (3-4 credits)

Choose 1 Goal course from the following:

CPSC 140Introduction to Programming Principles3
CPSC 146Programming Principles3
MATH 113Mathematics as a Liberal Art3
MATH 115Financial Mathematics3
MATH 117Quantitative Reasoning3
MATH 118Elementary Geometry3
MATH 122Finite Mathematics with Matrices3
MATH 123Introduction to Applied Calculus3
MATH 125Precalculus4
MATH 131Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 210Elementary Mathematics I3
MATH 225Calculus I4
PHIL 113Formal Logic3
STAT 152Elementary Statistics I3

Science and Technology Goal (6-7 credits)

Choose 2 Goal courses from different departments. A lab experience must be taken as part of these Goal choices or under the Enrichment category:

BIOL 101General Biology3
BIOL 104Principles of Biology with Lab4
BIOL 105Environmental Biology3
BIOL 216Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab3
CHEM 104Introduction Chemistry I3
CHEM 107General Chemistry I3
EGEO 100Environmental Geology3
EGEO 101Physical Geology3
EGEO 121Meteorology/Lab4
MATH 117Quantitative Reasoning3
PHYS 101Concepts of Science I with Lab3
PHYS 201Elements of Physics I with Lab4
PHYS 211General Physics I with Lab4

Challenges of the Modern Age Goal (3 credits)

Choose 1 Goal course from the following:
Must have earned 45 credits to enroll in these courses.

BIOL 300Social and Ethical Issues in Genetics3
BUSA 315Economics of Sustainable Development3
COMM 480The Communication Age3
CPSC 300Challenges of Computer Technology3
CPSC 305Introduction to Expert Systems3
CRIM 328Transnational Crime & Justice3
CRIM 333Crime, Justice and Society3
CRIM 468Crime & Media3
CSS 351Fraud3
CSS 352Law & Ethics in the Workplace3
CSS 354Risk Assessment and Fraud Prevention3
ECON 312Critical Choices in Health Care Policy3
ECON 315Economics of Sustainable Development3
EGEO 368Women in Science3
ELEC 410Culture and Politics of American Education3
ENGL 327Healthcare Writing3
ENGL 410Literature of the Environment3
ENVS 440Science, Technology and the Environment3
GERO 425Women and Aging3
GES 355Earth's Changing Climate3
GES 375Geography of Intolerance3
GNDR 415Feminist Perspectives in the Disciplines3
HCAM 335Current Topics in Health Care3
HIST 358American Popular Culture, 1865 to the Present3
HIST 382Modern Asian Pacific Rim3
HIST 464The Scientific Revolution of the 17th and 18th Centuries3
HLTH 311International Health3
INDP 309Health and Society3
INDP 327Religion and Society3
INDP 360Issues in Asia; Women in Asian Societies3
MIS 300Challenges of Computer Technology3
NLPA 320Community Change and Development3
NLPA 325Social and Ethical Issues in Philanthropy and Fundraising3
PCRM 405Social Ecological Systems3
PE 342Wellness through Movement3
PHIL 324Environmental Ethics3
PHIL 325Medical/Health Care Ethics3
PHIL 326Business Ethics3
PHIL 336Philosophy of Gender and Sex3
PHIL 351Philosophy of Natural Science3
PHYS 317Space Science3
POLS 322The United Nations and International Law3
POLS 333The Political Film3
POLS 349Utopian Experiments: Issues of Gender and Power3
POLS 350Transnational Terrorism3
POLS 351Politics of Race3
POLS 354Seminar in Religion and Politics3
POLS 356Gay and Lesbian Politics3
POLS 357Civil Liberties and Civil Rights3
RUSS 306The Challenge of Russian Legacy3
SAFE 418Security in the Workplace3
SEFE 420American Education in the Twenty-First Century: A Comparative Perspective3
SPED 343Americans with Disabilities3

Enrichment Course Requirements

Students must choose one course from three of the following four Enrichment areas (9 credits)

Arts Enrichment

Choose one 3 credit course from Group A or three 1 credit courses from Group B.

Group A

ART 105Basic Studio Drawing3
ART 106Basic Studio Painting3
ART 107Basic Studio Photography3
ART 108Basic Studio Printmaking3
ART 109Basic Studio Metalsmithing3
ART 110Basic Studio Sculpture3
ART 111Basic Studio Fiber Art3
ART 112Basic Studio Ceramics3
ART 114Basic Studio Digital Media3
ART 115Visual Literacy3
or COMM 115 Visual Literacy
ART 205Intermediate Studio Drawing3
ART 206Intermediate Studio Painting3
ART 207Intermediate Studio Photography3
ART 208Intermediate Studio Printmaking3
ART 209Intermediate Studio Metalsmithing3
ART 210Intermediate Studio Sculpture3
ART 211Intermediate Studio Fiber Art3
ART 212Intermediate Studio Ceramics3
ART 213Intermediate Studio Graphic Design3
ART 214Intermediate Studio Digital Media3
ART 325North American Art History3
ART 335The Renaissance Tradition3
ART 345Foundations of Modern Art3
ART 355Early Modern Art3
ART 365Art Since 19453
COMM 458Media Criticism3
DANC 125Experiencing Dance: Techniques and Styles3
DANC 318Dance in the Political World3
ENGL 214Introduction to Film Analysis3
ENGL 242African-American Literature3
ENGL 243Literature of the Women's Movement3
ENGL 244Native American Literature3
ENGL 246U.S. Latino/a Literatures3
ENGL 248Asian Literature3
ENGL 298Selected Topics1-3
ENGL 311Chaucer and Medieval Culture3
ENGL 312Introduction to Shakespeare3
ENGL 314European Film3
ENGL 315The Cinematic Review: Historical and Critical Writing3
ENGL 317British Literature I3
ENGL 318British Literature II3
ENGL 319American Literature I3
ENGL 320American Literature II3
ENGL 330Literary Publications & Design3
ENGL 402World Literature3
FREN 320Main Currents in French Literature3
GERM 210German Literature in Translation3
GERM 320Main Currents in German Literature3
HONR 385The Great Books3
MUSI 102Exploring World Music3
MUSI 104Exploring American Music3
MUSI 105Exploring Jazz3
MUSI 107Fundamentals of Music3
MUSI 151
MUSI 154
Music Theory and Analysis I
and Musicianship Skills I
MUSI 196Winter Guard1-2
MUSI 278Literature of the American Musical Theater3
MUSI 301Women and Music3
MUSI 359History of Music I3
MUSI 373History of Music II3
PHIL 163Philosophy in Literature3
PHIL 261Philosophy of Art3
RUSS 305Russian Civilization via Film3
SPAN 318Hispanic Children's Literature for the K-12 Classroom3
SPAN 330Spanish Literature 1800 to Present3
SPAN 332Spanish American Literature - 19th Century to Present3
THEA 131Fundamentals of Acting3
THEA 132Stagecraft3
THEA 269Playwriting3
SUBJ 139University Seminar3

Group B

MUSI 114Symphonic Wind Ensemble1-4
MUSI 115Concert Choir1-3
MUSI 116Women's Choir1-2
MUSI 117Chamber Singers1-2
MUSI 118Marching Pride1-6
MUSI 119Concert Band1-4
MUSI 120Jazz Ensemble1-3
MUSI 121Orchestra1-4
MUSI 122Chamber String Ensemble1-2
MUSI 123Brass Ensemble1-2
MUSI 124Woodwind Ensemble1
MUSI 125Percussion Ensemble1-2
MUSI 126Flute Choir1-2
MUSI 179-185Applied Music1
MUSI 279-285Applied Music1
MUSI 379-385Applied Music1
MUSI 479-485Applied Music1
MUSI 233Chamber Music Performance1-2
MUSI 361Instrumental Improvisation1
THEA 151Rehearsal and Production1

Global Community Enrichment

COMM 217Intercultural Communication3
COMM 405Global Media3
COMM 419Propaganda: Ideology, Communication Warfare, and Social Control3
CSLD 350Multicultural Leadership3
ECON 201Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 326International Economics3
GES 135Introduction to Environmental Problems3
GES 201Latin America and the Caribbean3
GES 204Post-Soviet Union3
GES 242Geography of Religion3
GES 303Asia3
GES 307Australia3
GES 308Europe3
GES 309Africa3
GNDR 115Introduction to Gender Studies3
HCAM 300Healthcare Systems: Global Perspectives and Analysis3
HIST 305Russia to 18553
HIST 306Russia Since 18553
HIST 319History of Women to 17503
HIST 320History of Women from 1750 to the Present3
HIST 323African American History to 18763
HIST 324African American History Since 18763
HIST 331England to 16893
HIST 332Britain Since 16893
HIST 337Native American History3
HIST 351Latin America to 18303
HIST 352Latin America Since 18303
HIST 362Africa North of the Zambezi3
HIST 363Southern Africa3
HIST 364History of Medicine3
HIST 370History and the Bible3
HIST 376Modern Japan3
HIST 380Egyptology3
HIST 386Modern China3
HIST 404Violence in Post-45 Europe3
HIST 422Ancient Greece3
HIST 423Ancient Rome3
HIST 424The Middle Ages3
HIST 426French Revolution and Napoleon3
HIST 427Nineteenth Century Europe3
HIST 462The Contemporary Middle East3
HIST 463Israel-History, State and Society3
HONR 386The Great Books3
INDP 106Race and Ethnic Diversity in the USA3
INDP 212Archaeology/World Prehistory3
INDP 226Population and Society3
INDP 310Cultural Area Studies3
INDP 321Minority Groups3
INDP 322Archaeology of the Americas3
PHIL 140World Religions3
PHIL 343Asian Philosophy3
POLS 220Foreign Policy3
POLS 263Introduction to Comparative Politics3
POLS 365International Political Economy3
POLS 367National and International Security: Problems and Issues3
POLS 369Politics of Developing Areas3
POLS 370Latin American Politics and Development3
SPMT 196Global Sport Management3

Human Institutions and Interpersonal Relationships Enrichment

CDEV 201Interpersonal and Group Dynamics3
COMM 215Small Group Communication3
COMM 303Communication and Media Ethics3
COMM 314Interpersonal Communication3
COMM 315Organizational Communication3
CRIM 327Criminal Justice and the Multicultural Community3
CRIM 380Women & the Criminal Justice System3
DANC 305Society and Social Dance3
ECON 105Economics of Social Issues3
ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics3
ERS 230Stress Management3
ERS 305The Truth About Weight Loss3
FIN 100Personal Financial Planning3
GERO 265Aging and the Older Person3
GNDR 120Introduction to the Study of Masculinities3
HIST 336American Economic History3
HLTH 316Human Sexuality3
HONR 387The Great Books3
INDP 103Contemporary Social Problems3
INDP 304Urban Sociology3
INDP 324The Family3
INDP 330Collective Behavior3
INDP 339Gender Roles and Society3
INDP 340Social Inequality3
INDP 342Sociology of Aging3
MS 100The American Military Experience3
PHIL 171Philosophy of Human Existence3
PHIL 331Social and Political Philosophy3
PHIL 335Philosophy of Law and Justice3
PHIL 341Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 375Existentialism and Phenomenology3
POLS 200State and Local Government3
POLS 215Introduction to Political Theory3
POLS 223Law and Courts3
POLS 255Introduction to Public Policy3
POLS 321The Presidency3
POLS 325The Congress3
POLS 327Public Opinion and Political Attitudes3
POLS 375Women and Politics3
PSYC 240Human Sexual Behavior3
PSYC 244Developmental Psychology3
SAFE 118Introduction to Safety3
SEFE 280Cultural Minorities in Education3
SEFE 401Education and American Activism3
SOWK 230Social Justice and Equality3
SOWK 300Crisis Intervention3
SOWK 310Animal Assisted Interventions3
SPED 220The Nature and Needs of Autism Spectrum Disorders3

Science, Technology, and Math Enrichment

BIOL 101General Biology3
BIOL 102Human Biology3
BIOL 104Principles of Biology with Lab4
BIOL 105Environmental Biology3
BIOL 120Plants and Society3
BIOL 201General Botany with Lab4
BIOL 207Land Plants and Their Environment/Lab3
BIOL 208Introduction to Wildlife Management/Lab3
BIOL 210Medical Microbiology with Lab3
BIOL 212General Zoology with Lab4
BIOL 216Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab3
BIOL 217Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab3
BIOL 250Genetics with Lab4
CHEM 106Introductory Chemistry II3
CHEM 107General Chemistry I3
CHEM 108General Chemistry II3
CPSC 130Introduction to Computing and Programming3
CPSC 301Practical Computer Security3
EGEO 100Environmental Geology3
EGEO 101Physical Geology3
EGEO 121Meteorology/Lab4
EGEO 131Oceanography3
EGEO 202Earth History/Lab4
EGEO 231Aerial Photography Interpretation3
EGEO 341Geomorphology/Lab3
EGEO 342Glacial Geology/Lab3
HLTH 314Nutrition and Health3
HONR 388The Great Books3
INDP 211Biological Anthropology3
INDP 317Statistics for the Social Sciences3
LIBR 210Library Research Methods3
MARS 110Introduction to Oceanography3
MARS 241Marine Biology3
MARS 280Field Biology3
MATH 113Mathematics as a Liberal Art3
MATH 115Financial Mathematics3
MATH 122Finite Mathematics with Matrices3
MATH 123Introduction to Applied Calculus3
MATH 125Precalculus4
MATH 131Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 210Elementary Mathematics I3
MATH 225Calculus I4
MATH 230Calculus II4
MATH 235Foundations of Mathematical Proof3
MATH 310Elementary Mathematics II3
MIS 211Information Systems Application Development3
MIS 301Practical Computer Security3
PHIL 313Symbolic Logic3
PHYS 101Concepts of Science I with Lab3
PHYS 102Concepts of Science II3
PHYS 103Investigating Matter and Energy/ Lab3
PHYS 201Elements of Physics I with Lab4
PHYS 202Elements of Physics II/ Lab4
PHYS 204Environmental Biophysics3
PHYS 211General Physics I with Lab4
PHYS 212General Physics II with Lab3
PHYS 213General Physics III/ Lab4
PHYS 271Astronomy3
STAT 152Elementary Statistics I3
STAT 153Elementary Statistics II3
STAT 252Introduction to Statistical Modeling3

Important Information

Policy and Procedure Notes

  • Transfer courses valued as a percentage, 2.33, 2.5, etc. may be used to meet requirements, however, students must still earn a total of 45 LSP credits.
  • Students may be exempted from COMM 200 - Civil Discourse if they transfer 63 or more credits and have earned a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Students exempted from any LSP category must still earn a total of 45 credits of LS.
  • There is no limit to the number of credits a student may transfer, however, the student must complete all Graduation Requirements.
  • Students may not use courses from their first major department in the Liberal Studies Program. Students may use courses taken within the Liberal Studies Program to complete a minor or a second major.
  • Pass/No Credit courses may not be used to satisfy any Liberal Studies Requirement.
  • Any credit course (regardless of the number of credits) taken in an international setting will meet the Enrichment requirement in the Global Community Block.
  • Students who withdraw from the university and return are responsible for the Liberal Studies requirements in effect the term they are last readmitted.
  • Students who wish to earn two degrees must compete 150 credits and all requirements for both degrees/majors.
  • A Rock Studies course cannot substitute for a Liberal Studies Requirement unless it has been approved by the Rock Studies Program Committee.

Graduation Requirements

  • All undergraduate degree programs require a minimum of 120 credits.
  • Thirty of the final 60 credits prior to graduation must be earned at SRU. In addition, individual departments may establish residency requirements for their majors and minors. Students should check with their academic adviser to determine the requirements for their academic program.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 45 credits of LS Coursework.
  • Students must complete 48 credits of upper-level coursework. Thirty-nine of the 48 credits must be at the 300 level or higher, the additional 9 credits may include courses requiring a 3-credit prerequisite. At least 24 of the 48 credits must be completed at SRU.
  • Bachelor of Arts degrees require language proficiency at the 103-class level. Exemption by placement or examination is possible.
  • Beginning with May 2021 graduates, students must complete at least 45 undergraduate credits at SRU to be considered for Latin Honors at the point of graduation.

Computer Competency

All students at SRU must demonstrate “computer competency” though one of the following methods:

  • Transfer or Successfully complete one of the following courses at SRU:
  • Pass the University’s Computer Competency Exam – CPSC 099

Beginning Algebra (ACSD 110):

All students must demonstrate  competency through MATH SAT or ACT scores.  If competency is not met, students must complete Beginning Algebra and complete 123 credits for graduation.