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Diversity and Inclusion, Certificate

The world that we live in is increasingly characterized by diversity.  This certificate is designed to foster an understanding of the historical, political, sociological and legal contexts within the United States and how these contexts impact issues of diversity.  In this certificate each of these domains of diversity, and the intersections between them, will be interrogated and deconstructed for their individual effects and examine interrelatedness.  This understanding of diversity will foster communication of complex ideas related to equity, teach strategies to negotiate issues of power, and position oneself to embrace inclusion and act as an ally/advocate for people in systematically marginalized groups. 

The required credit hours are 15. Students need to complete the following courses:

  • INDP 106 Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the US
  • INDP 321 Minority Groups  

AND 3 of the following:

  • GNDR 115 Intro to Gender Studies OR INDP 339 Gender Roles
  • GNDR 280 Disability Studies
  • GNDR 340Applied Queer Studies  
  • POLS 375 Women and Politics
  • POLS 351 Politics of Race  
  • POLS 356 Gay & Lesbian Politics  
  • PHIL 140 World Religions  
  • MODL 215: ARAB 215, FREN 215, JAPN 215 or SPAN 215  

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Certificate GPA: 2.0 or higher


Course Requirements
INDP 106Race and Ethnic Diversity in the USA3
INDP 321Minority Groups3
Select 3 of the following:9
Introduction to Gender Studies
Introduction to Disability Studies
Applied Queer Studies
Gender Roles and Society
Gay and Lesbian Politics
Politics of Race
Women and Politics
World Religions
Topics in Arabic Culture
Topics in French and Francophone Culture
Topics in Japanese Culture
Topics in Hispanic Culture
Total Hours15

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CERTIFICATE in Diversity and Inclusion (5DIN)
This program is effective as of Summer 2021.
Revised 07.15.2021
UCC 03.30.2021