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Modern Languages and Cultures, Bachelor or Arts (BA) - Concentration in Professional Spanish - Liberal Studies

Program Learning Outcomes 

  • Communication: Communicate in other language than English
    • Standard 1.1: Students engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.
    • Standard 1.2: Students understand and interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics.
    • Standard 1.3: Students present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners or readers on a variety of topics.
  • Communities: Participate in multilingual communities at home & around the world
    • Standard 5.1: Students use the language both within and beyond the school setting.
    • Standard 5.2: Students show evidence of becoming life-long learners by using the language for personal enjoyment and enrichment.
  • Comparisons: Develop insight into the nature of language and culture
    • Standard 4.1: Students demonstrate understanding of the nature of language through comparisons of the language studied and their own.
    • Standard 4.2: Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the cultures studied and their own.
  • Connections: Connect with other disciplines and acquire information
    • Standard 3.1: Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the foreign language.
    • Standard 3.2: Students acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through the foreign language and its cultures.
  • Cultures: Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures
    • Standard 2.1: Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the culture studied.
    • Standard 2.2: Students demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the products and perspectives of the culture studied.

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Curriculum Guide

GPA Requirement

Major GPA: 2.0 or higher
Overall GPA: 2.0 or higher


Liberal Studies Requirements45-46
Modern Language Requirement0-9
Other Basic Requirements0-3
Computer Competency0-3
Major/Concentration Requirements30

* All undergraduate degree programs require a minimum of 120 credits.  Some courses meet multiple requirements, but are only counted once toward the 120 credit total required to graduate.

Liberal Studies Requirements

See Liberal Studies Guide for Goal and Enrichment choices

Goal Course Requirements
Complete Goal requirements as indicated below
Basic Requirements
ENGL 102Critical Writing3
ENGL 104Critical Reading3
COMM 200Civil Discourse: Theory & Practice3
The Arts
Global Community
Human Institutions/Interpersonal Relationships
Science, Technology & Math
Select nine to ten credits:9-10
Challenges of the Modern Age
Enrichment Course Requirements
Select one course from three of the following Enrichment Areas:9
Total Hours45-46

BA Modern Language Requirement

BA degree requires language proficiency at the 103 class level. Exemption by placement or examination is possible.

Complete 0-9 credits0-9
Total Hours0-9

Basic Math Requirement

Check with your adviser or a current degree audit report to see if you have been exempted from this course. The credit earned in this course will not be counted toward the 120 credit hour minimum needed to earn a degree.

Complete one of the following:0-3
Meet required minimum SAT or ACT math score OR
Beginning Algebra
Total Hours0-3

Computer Competency

Demonstrate "computer competency" by one of the following:0-3
Pass Computer Competency Exam OR
Select one of the following at SRU or another post-secondary institution:
Introduction to Computing for Liberal Arts
Computer Concepts
Introduction to Computing and Programming
Technology for Wellness
Total Hours0-3

Major/Concentration Requirements

  • 15 major credits must be taken at SRU or PASSHE
  • 15 major credits must be taken at the 300 level or above
Basic Skill Courses or 300/400 Spanish Electives
Exemption from the basic skills courses may be possible based on a placement exam given by the Modern Languages Department. CLEP, AP and OPI credits are accepted for some of the following courses.
SPAN 103Spanish Language & Culture III 43
or SPAN 104 Situational Spanish
SPAN 200Writing in Spanish for the Professions I 1,23
SPAN 201Speaking in Spanish for the Professions I 1,23
SPAN 220Understanding Hispanic Cultures Through Reading 1,23
Required Spanish Courses
SPAN 300Writing in Spanish for the Professions II 1,23
SPAN 301Speaking in Spanish for the Professions II 1,23
SPAN 303Developing Communicative and Cultural Competence for the Workplace 1,23
SPAN 400Writing in Spanish for the Professions III 1,23
SPAN 401Speaking in Spanish for the Professions III 1,23
Literature and Culture Courses
Select three credits from the following:3
Communication in Spanish for the Elementary Classroom 1,2
Spain Today 1,2
U.S. Latino Cultures 1,2
Hispanic Civilization for the K-12 Classroom 1,2
Hispanic Children's Literature for the K-12 Classroom 1,2
The Civilization of Spanish America: Precolumbian to 19th Century 1,2
Latin American Today 1,2
Spanish Literature 1800 to Present 2
Spanish American Literature - 19th Century to Present 2
The Sounds of Spanish 2
Exploring Spanish Culture through Media 2
Exploring Latin American Cultures through Media 2
Electives at the 300 level and above
Select zero to nine credits: 1,2,30-9
Total Hours30

Additional Requirements

Course and Explanation
Major, Minor or Certificate
Student must complete a Minor or Major or Certificate in any other discipline:
Completed a Minor in a Selected Field of Study or a Major or Certificate in any other discipline
Non Credit Requirement
Student must select one of the following:
Students’ research must be conducted in their minor area or second major and the final product will be a written paper and an oral presentation usingthe French language.
Students can choose from three (3) options to complete the Capstone Experience requirement: Internship Presentation, Study Abroad Presentation or Research Presentation, depending on their area of interest.
The Internship Experience must be approved by the Modern Language and Cultures chair and the student’s advisor in Modern Languages.

Important Curriculum Guide Notes

This Curriculum Guide is provided to help SRU students and prospective students better understand their intended major curriculum. Enrolled SRU students should note that the My Rock Audit may place already-earned and/or in progress courses in different, yet valid, curriculum categories. Enrolled SRU students should use the My Rock Audit Report and materials and information provided by their faculty advisers to ensure accurate progress towards degree completion. The information on this guide is current as of the date listed. Students are responsible for curriculum requirements at the time of enrollment at the University.

PASSHE - Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Institutions

Concentration in Professional Spanish (SPPR)
This program is effective as of Fall 2020
UCC 09.15.20
Revised 10.06.20