Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Slippery Rock University

Asian Studies

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Sunita Peacock(724)738-2354

The Rock Difference

The Asian Studies Minor and Program at Slippery Rock University offers students the opportunity to learn about  Asian cultures, history, geography, politics and languages, and supports study abroad programs in China, Japan, Korea, and India. The Asian Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program that includes courses and faculty from several disciplines, including Asian Studies, Modern Languages and Cultures (Chinese and Japanese), History, Geography, Political Science, English, Philosophy and Anthropology (Interdisciplinary Programs).  The Asian Studies Program seeks to prepare students to understand a region that includes some of the oldest civilizations on our planet, the world’s second and third largest economies (Japan and China), and 60% percent of the global population. 


Wei Bian, George Brown, Aksel Casson, Xianfeng Chen, Andrew Colvi, Margaret Denning, Richard Findler, Yukako Ishimaru, J. Sunita Peacock, Armand Policicchio, Pragati Rawat, Jialing Wang, and visiting professors from China, India, Japan, and Korea. 


All first-year students who enter SRU in the Summer and Fall terms of 2019 and after will follow Rock Studies. Students who entered SRU before Spring 2019 will follow Liberal Studies. All new transfer students beginning Summer 2019 and after will follow Liberal Studies. We anticipate that transfer students will begin to enter under Rock Studies during the Summer/Fall term of 2021.