Academic Catalog 2023-2024

Slippery Rock University

Computer Competency Requirement - Undergraduate

The goal of the computer competency requirement is to ensure that students can effectively use computers and technology to succeed in an information based society. The purpose of the competency test is to determine if new SRU students have already acquired the faculty-designated minimum level of computer competence. The topics on which students will be tested are computer hardware, system software, application software, social impact, technology and the web, networks and security and privacy. We believe that students need to have a minimum level of competence to achieve the greatest success during their academic career. Students can demonstrate computer competency by:

Pass Computer Competency Exam or complete one of the following:
CPSC 100Introduction to Computing for Liberal Arts1
CPSC 110Computer Concepts3
CPSC 130Introduction to Computing and Programming3
CPSC 210Productivity Software3
PE 202Technology for Wellness3

Upon the successful completion of the exam or one of the courses, Slippery Rock University will certify graduates as having achieved a minimum level of computer competency. Some departments may require students to take additional courses to achieve computer competency for a specific academic major. Students may meet the university’s computer competency requirement by passing a computer competence examination administered by the Computer Science department 724-738-2040.