Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Slippery Rock University


Slippery Rock University expects students to attend class. It is the prerogative of the individual instructor to establish requirements for class attendance. Students are responsible for complying with the instructor’s requirements. Without permission of an individual instructor, no test or class material will be repeated or rescheduled.

Students who miss class due to short-term illness may request written verification from Student Health Services when the student is confined to their residence 24 hours or longer. Written verification may also be provided when a student is hospitalized if the Health Center is aware of the situation.

Prolonged illness or extraordinary circumstances such as a death in the family, military deployment, or other major life event must be reported to the Office of the Chief Student Affairs Officer, which notifies the student’s instructor(s) of the absence. A student absent for a significant time should consult with his or her adviser before deciding to withdraw or continue.

Notifications generated by the Chief Student Affairs Officer do not constitute an excuse. These notices are simply designed to make instructors aware of conflicts impacting a student’s attendance. Attendance policies and procedures for making up missed work are at the discretion of each individual faculty member.