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Arts & Popular Culture

Arts & Popular Culture Thematic Thread

The Arts & Popular Culture thread will examine varying cultural elements that are consumed by the majority in any given society and have mass appeal, including, but not limited to art, music, fashion, literature, dance, film, radio, television, theatre, and the Internet.

Faculty Liaison: Doug Strahler

Curriculum Guide

Gateway Courses
Select one of the following:3
Overview of World Art
Visual Literacy
Experiencing Dance: Techniques and Styles
Exploring World Music
Exploring American Music
Philosophy of Art
Fundamentals of Acting
Focused Courses
Choose three courses from the following (must include three categories and three departments; two courses must be 300/400 level)9
The Arts
Basic Studio Drawing
Basic Studio Painting
Basic Studio Photography
Basic Studio Printmaking
Basic Studio Metalsmithing
Basic Studio Sculpture
Basic Studio Fiber Art
Basic Studio Ceramics
Basic Studio Graphic Design
Basic Studio Digital Media
Intermediate Studio Drawing
Intermediate Studio Painting
Intermediate Studio Photography
Intermediate Studio Printmaking
Intermediate Studio Metalsmithing
Intermediate Studio Sculpture
Intermediate Studio Fiber Art
Intermediate Studio Ceramics
Intermediate Studio Graphic Design
Intermediate Studio Digital Media
North American Art History
Early Modern Art
History of Musical Theatre
Culture, Discourse, and Ideas
Media Criticism
The Communication Age
The Cinematic Review: Historical and Critical Writing
Twentieth Century British Culture
American Popular Culture, 1865 to the Present
Global Learning and Diversity
European Film
Asian Film
Society and Institutions
Society and Social Dance
Total Hours12

Important Curriculum Guide Notes

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Arts and Popular Culture Thematic Thread (APCU)
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