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African-American Studies

African-American Studies Thematic Thread

The main purpose of this thread is to help students understand how the racial history of the US shapes political and policy outcomes in the US today across a range of policy issue areas including: income and wealth, employment, education, health, housing, and criminal justice.  Progress toward closing key gaps between African Americans and whites has been painfully slow.  In some cases, gaps have actually worsened.  This thread will enable students to think and write critically about how the US got to this point and how we can get out of this pattern of persistent racial disparities.  Emphasis in this thread will be on the period since the Reconstruction.

Faculty Liaison: Cheryl Kerchis

Curriculum Guide

Gateway Courses 1
Select one of the following:3
Race and Ethnic Diversity in the USA
Introduction to Public Policy
Focused Courses 1
Select two courses from the following (must include two categories and two departments; one course must be 300/400 level)6
Civic Knowledge and Engagement
Organized Political Action
Seminar in Democracy
Culture, Discourse, and Ideas
African-American Literature
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law and Justice
Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Ethical Reasoning
Environmental Justice
Philosophy of Gender and Sex
Global Learning and Diversity
Cultural Minorities in Education
Society and Institutions
African American History to 1876
African American History Since 1876
The American City
Social Inequality
Social Justice and Equality
Capstone Course 1
Select one of the following:3
The Long Civil Rights Movement
Politics of Race
Total Hours12

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Thematic Thread in African-American Studies (AAST)
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