Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Slippery Rock University

Military Absence Policy

Slippery Rock University requires both students and faculty members to approach excused absences and matters of class attendance in a manner that is cooperative, realistic, and impartial.

Faculty members are required to provide an alternative opportunity or offer equivalent credit for a student to complete missed coursework due to a military-related absence, without prejudicial influence.  (ex. Exam, quiz, in class work, presentation, etc.)

Students who have received advanced notification orders are required to provide documentation for their military-related absence two weeks prior to the absence when feasible; however, students should turn in documentation as soon as the orders are received.  Whenever possible, students are required to be proactive by turning in pre-assigned coursework before their military-related absence begins.

Any student who has military commitments the weekend before Final Exams week (and such duty can occur any time between Thursday and Tuesday), the student’s first exam day (possibly first two exam days, depending on the return day) will be rescheduled to allow a two-day study period.  

A student who must miss numerous class meetings due to a military-related obligation is strongly encouraged to create a Military Absence Work-Plan with the faculty member for completing the missed coursework.  However, either party can submit a work plan at any time.  Creating this work-plan will ensure clear communication between student and faculty member; failure to complete this work-plan may negatively impact the student.

Once developed, the student and faculty member will sign the Military Absence Work-Plan that details the expectations for successful completion of coursework.  If the length of absence & circumstance(s) challenges the student’s ability to successfully complete the agreed-upon work-plan and to remain current with coursework, it may be in the student’s best interest to utilize the Armed Forces Leave of Absence Withdraw option (Withdrawal with grade of “M”).

Appeal Process:  If the student and faculty member cannot agree on a work-plan or any part of the work-plan, such as a “reasonable” length of absence, the academic department chairperson should be contacted.  If the work-plan cannot be resolved at the academic department level, the student is required to contact the academic dean of the college where the course resides.

The Military Absence Work-Plan must include the following information but can take any format the student and faculty member would like to utilize:

  • Faculty member name
  • Student name
  • Course name
  • Length of military-related absence
  • Detailed list of missed coursework
  • Due date for each assignment
  • Signatures of both the faculty member and the student
  • Results of not meeting the due dates of the work-plan

The Military Absence Work-Plan will be kept in the faculty member’s student record and filed with the Office of Academic Records & Registration. The student will also receive a copy.