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2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Music Education (BM)

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Music Department


The Department of Music offers an undergraduate program in music education which meets requirements for the National Association Schools of Music (NASM) and state certification in music, grades K-12. Prospective music teachers are required to take coursework that is balanced to offer a broad education, including courses in music, music performance, professional education, and liberal studies. Students are required to complete 40 contact hours in elementary and secondary music education settings during the freshman and sophomore years. The junior and senior years allow the students the opportunity to apply the philosophies, methodologies, and techniques that they have observed and discussed in classes. For four weeks during field experience and sixteen weeks of student teaching, students will observe, assist and teach in a public school setting.

Music Education students are encouraged to join the Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Educators Association (PCMEA). The PCMEA meets monthly, offers workshops and conferences and promotes pre-professional experiences for the music education major.

Requirements for acceptance to the Teacher Certification Programs during the sophomore or junior year may include but also exceed the following: completion of 48 credit hours; minimum GPA requirements for Basic Competency courses, music education program, and cumulative GPA; passing scores on Praxis exams; completion of 40 hours of observations in educational settings; evidence of professional conduct; criminal and child abuse background checks; and a TB test.

The guidelines on admission, professional conduct, and student teaching for this department include and may go beyond those required for the College of Education as a whole. Details are available in the Department of Music or from the student’s advisor. See also the Programs for Certification of Professional School Personnel and the Teacher Education Policy Manual, available in 105 McKay Education Building.

The double majors, BM in Performance/BM in Music Education, the BM in Performance/BM in Music Therapy, the BM in Music Education/BM in Music Therapy are available for students who wish to pursue combined degrees. Please see Chairperson for the semester by semester schedule.

All candidates completing this program and student teaching are eligible to receive Pennsylvania Music pre K-12 Teacher Certification after achieving a passing or qualifying score on Pennsylvania Department of Education required exam(s).   If you are interested in teaching in another state, please contact the Department of Education in that state.


Requirements for the Major - Credits: 93-94

All prospective music education majors must audition with a faculty committee of the Department of Music.

Required Music Courses - Credits: 49-50

Students must earn a “C” or higher in Musicianship Skills, Music Theory and Music Ed courses. Voice majors - exempt from MUSI 133.

*Major Applied - Credits: 7

Must all be in same instrument. Students must earn a “C” or better in each semester of applied major study. Four credits at the 300+ level are required.

*Minor Applied - Credits: 4

Instrumental and voice majors only.

*Minor Applied - Credits: 4

Piano majors only. Students must earn a “C” or better in each semester of applied major study. Four credits at the 300+ level are required.

*Minor Applied - Credits: 2

Voice majors only. Students must earn a “C” or better in each semester of applied major study. Four cresits at the 300+ level are required.

*Large Ensemble Participation - Credits 8-9


* See chairperson of department of music for an explanation of these requirements.

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