May 26, 2019  
2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Environmental Geoscience (B.S) - Geology

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Geography, Geology and the Environment


The environmental geoscience (BS) track in geology focuses on providing students with a scientific understanding of the Earth and surrounding environment. The student in geology gains an understanding of the various terrestrial processes and features (mountains, oceans, volcanoes, glaciers); the immenseness of geologic time, the history of the earth and organisms that inhabit it (fossils); the role of water, fuel, and mineral resources in the development of civilization; and the close interaction between the geologic and organic environments.

Demand for the professional geologist comes from the needs of engineering, hydrogeologic and environmental firms; geological surveys; oil, gas and mining companies; state and national parks; museums; conservation agencies; planning commissions; and teaching institutions. A student who completes a bachelor of science in geology will have the basis for entry to graduate schools or for employment as a geologist.

Candidates completing this program are eligible to sit for the two-part Association State Boards of Geology (ASBOG) examination required for a Professional Geologist license in Pennsylvania. The first examination, Fundamentals of Geology, can be taken upon graduation.  The second examination, Principles and Practices of Geology, can be taken after working for five years.  Regulations for licensing vary by state and you are urged to check with the licensing board in the state you will be working.

Major Requirements - Credits: 58

Environmental Geoscience Core - Credits: 15

Any EGEO 100 level course and the courses listed below.

Geology Track Core Requirements - Credits: 23

Field Camp - Credits: 4

Minimum 4 credits at an acceptable field station.

Natural Science & Math College Wide Requirement - Credits: 12

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