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2012-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

B.S. in Mathematics - Computer Science Track

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Mathematics Department


The digital computer is a brainchild of mathematicians/scientists. Although the computer was invented just as a tool to do mathematical, scientific, and engineering computations, its applications now crisscross every walk of life and have invaded every field of study in one way or another. Behind every computer application is an algorithm. Computer science is a mathematical discipline that has to do with the study of algorithms and hence forms the theoretical basis for computer applications. Adequate background in computing opens up an enormous number of challenging and satisfying career opportunities for a mathematician. Depending on interests other than mathematics, one can choose from a variety of programming or non-programming/administrative jobs with an option of following management tracks or staying with research and development. Besides being an object of mathematical study, the computer has also proved to be a powerful tool in mathematical research. Hence computing background is undoubtedly an asset to students aspiring to earn a graduate degree in mathematics leading to careers in the industry and the academics.


Major Requirements - Credits: 59

Required Courses - Credits: 10

Students must have a “C” or better in the following three courses to register for any 300 level or above Mathematics course.

Required Mathematics Seminar Course - Credits: 2

MATH 491 must be completed 2 times.

Required Mathematics Electives - Credits: 6

Choose two courses from the following

Mathematics Electives - Credits: 6

Choose two additional Mathematics courses at the 300/400 level. Not MATH 310.

Computer Science Special Interest Area - Credits: 4

Computer Science Special Interest Area Courses - Credits: 12

Choose four Computer Science courses from the following.

Competency in an Approved Computer Programming Language

Competency in an approved computer programming language is required.

Natural Science and Math College-Wide Requirements - Credits: 12

Mathematics students in the College of Health, Environment and Science must complete the following four courses

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