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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chiropractic - Biology

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Department of Biology


Logan University

Under the provisions of this program, students will matriculate at Slippery Rock University (SRU) for a minimum of 90 semester hours in course work leading toward the Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology.  Students are admitted at Logan University (LCC) only as first year doctorate of chiropractic students.  Upon completion of the first year of studies at LCC a maximum of 34 LCC credits may be transferred toward completion of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology at SRU. An official transcript must be sent from LCC to the Dean of the College of Health, Environment, and Science at SRU, and the student must request application materials for graduation.  While enrolled at SRU, students will complete all required course work as outlined below and described in the SRU Catalog.

Students should be aware of the following major points as they apply to this agreement:

  1. The acceptance of transfer credits or testing toward completion of degree requirements shall be governed by current policies at SRU.  However, no more than 20 credits of required courses, and NONE of the science credits required for admission to LCC may be earned via examination or transfer from another school.
  2. All students will complete a minimum of 100 hours of volunteer work with a licensed chiropractic professional prior to applying to LCC.
  3. Students who earn less than a 3.25 GPA, but at least a 2.75 GPA will be eligible for admission to LCC, and will receive appropriate consideration in the admission process for having completed the SRU Pre-Chiropractic Program, but will not receive the assurance of a seat reserved for students earning a 3.25 or higher GPA.
  4. Students will make application to LCC one year in advance of their desired entrance date and will complete all required application procedures thereafter in a timely manner, including submission of recommendation and a satisfactory interview.
  5. Students enrolled in the Pre-Chiropractic Program from SRU who successfully complete all course work in the first two 15 week trimesters at LCC with C’s or better will be granted the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from SRU, provided they have met all other graduation requirements.
  6. Students shall pay the appropriate tuition and fees to each institution for all course work taken at that institution.  During their first year of study at LCC, students shall not be registered for courses at SRU, but shall pay any fees required to maintain their registration toward the baccalaureate degree.  Upon completion of the first year of study at LCC, students shall be responsible for any fees regularly charged by SRU for transfer of credits and awarding the baccalaureate degree.

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