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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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In a cooperative program with the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) or Youngstown State University (YSU), the pre-engineering student undertakes a three-year curriculum in liberal studies and natural sciences (physics, mathematics, chemistry, geology) at SRU and a two-year engineering curriculum at PSU or YSU. A student recommended for transfer by SRU’s Department of Physics will be able to enter any one of the following areas of study at PSU:

Aerospace Engineering
Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Science
Geo-Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Material Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mining Engineering
Nuclear Engineering
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

and at YSU:

Chemical Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engineering Technology (Civil & Construction, Electrical, Mechanical)
Industrial & Systems Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

The cooperative program is an effort to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. To cooperatively provide a general education in liberal arts and sciences, as well as engineering education for each student enrolled so that through five years of study a student may complete what otherwise could require six or more years.
  2. To provide a student who has not yet decided between engineering and other disciplines, additional time to make that decision while the student studies both arts and sciences during the first three years at Slippery Rock University.
  3. To enable qualified students to receive both a liberal and technical education at relatively low cost and, in doing so, provide the commonwealth and the nation with more broadly educated engineers.

Requirements for the Major - Credits: 61

Specialization: Pre-engineering

Required Courses:

(PHYS 315 is not required of chemical engineering, electrical engineering, material science and engineering, nuclear engineering, and petroleum and natural gas engineering students. All other students must choose an alternative course from the list of pre-engineering electives if PHYS 315 is not taken. Physics 411 is only required of students intending to enroll in aerospace, computer, electrical, or nuclear engineering. All other students must choose an alternate course from the list of pre-engineering electives if PHYS 411 is not taken.)

Engineering Electives

(3 credit hours absolute minimum.  Two additional courses must be taken if PHYS 315 and PHYS 411 are not taken.)

  • Language Courses 101 and/or 102 (Language courses are optional, but may be taken in lieu of other engineering elective courses)
  • CPSC (additional upper-division course)
  • Independent Study (Restricted to topics in physics and computer science)

Liberal Studies Requirements - Credits: 38

  • Basic Requirements
  • The Arts
  • Global Community (An economics course is required at PSU and may be taken at SRU.)
  • Human Institutions and Interpersonal Relations 
  • Challenges of the Modern Age (the requirements in this block were waived by the University Curriculum Committee.)

Intensive Writing Courses

Intensive Writing Courses (Two intensive writing courses are required, but they may also count in the liberal studies blocks or major)

Degree Completion in Five Years Physics (BA)

(SRU Portion of 3 + 2 Program)

Junior Year - Total Hours: 30

  • Liberal Studies - Credits: 12
  • PHYS Elective - Credits: 9

Senior Year - Credits from Penn State or YSU

Senior Year Credits from Penn State or YSU