May 21, 2019  
2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalog


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302 Spotts World Culture Building


Richard Findler

Diane Robbins

Andrew Colvin, Katherine Cooklin, Richard Findler, Lisa Schoenberg, Tom Sparrow

“SRU is an excellent place to study philosophy because the faculty members are committed to student learning and student success- both in the discipline of philosophy and in life.  The education I have received has been valuable to me because it has taught me to critically question the world by looking at it from many different p.”

Megan Kuhr
Class of ‘12
Attending Kent State University
M.L.I.S. Program

“Much of the success that I’ve had as a law student is attributable to the analytic and argumentative skills I’ve developed as a student in the Slippery Rock University Philosophy Department.”

Bernard Kwitowski
Class of ‘01 
Attorney, Thomas, Thomas and Hafer, LLP 
Super Lawyers Rising Stars 2010


Philosophy teaches students to inquire in a systematic way into fundamental questions connected with one’s relationships to oneself, others, society, and the world. It helps students pull their studies together into a unified project and to think about broader perspectives and implications, which are often lost sight of in specialized study. In particular, philosophy helps students to develop the following critical thinking essential to succeeding in academics, in the workplace, and in ones life.

  • Analytical thinking: logical skills involving the ability to break down complex ideas and problems into their elements and to perform reasoning tasks efficiently and correctly.
  • Evaluative thinking: skills of making intelligent ethical, social, esthetic, and religious value judgments related to fundamental issues in contemporary society and their implications for students’ personal and professional lives.
  • Synthetic thinking: skills of pulling together a variety of views and perspectives and resolving intellectual and practical conflicts related to the many competing ideas and information now readily available.

Philosophy prepares students for advanced studies in its own and in related fields, especially law.  It is also good preparation for many careers that require a high level of logical and linguistic ability, ethical awareness, and the capacity to form sound interpretative judgments within complex and dynamic situations, on a local or global scale,  Because of the strong emphasis on logical reasoning and critical thinking, philosophy majors are well suited to deal with rapid technological change.  New roles have opened up in health care, government, education, business, environmental fields, and science and technology for those with professional training in ethics.  Traditional philosophical education has been valuable for success in:

  • the sciences, especially in relation to their theoretical foundations and their social impact;
  • the comparative study of cultures 
  • law and policy studies
  • business and the helping professions.

Many students combine philosophy with another field. Slippery Rock University’s liberal studies program relies extensively on courses in philosophy to afford an important foundation for an undergraduate education.

Students have the opportunity to participate in frequent trips to conferences, join the Philosophy Club and achieve membership in the Philosophy Honorary.

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