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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Health, Environment & Sciences

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325 Physical Therapy Building

Susan Hannam

Assistant to the Dean
Wendy Stuhldreher

Administrative Assistant
Stacey Booth 

Robin Campbell

Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences
Geography, Geology, and the Environment
Parks and Recreation/Environmental Education
Public Health and Social Work
School of Physical Therapy

Other Programs
Institute for the Environment
Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education
McKeever Environmental Learning Center 


The primary mission of the College of Health, Environment, and Science is to provide quality undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for a variety of human service, science, and environmental professions. The major fields of study leading to a bachelor of science, bachelor of science in education, bachelor of arts, or bachelor of science in nursing are described under the appropriate departments, which include: health and safety, exercise and rehabilitative sciences, nursing, parks and recreation/environmental education, biology, chemistry and physics, geography, geology, and the environment, mathematics, and psychology. The natural sciences and mathematics programs offer a wide range of opportunities that enhance students’ awareness of the natural environment and prepare students to engage in logical thought processes. Curricula provide a broad liberal arts foundation and a specialized body of knowledge in a selected area of study. Many programs incorporate a wide range of applied learning opportunities, such as laboratories, field experiences, and internships. Following completion of the undergraduate program, many students pursue graduate study in the health professions including medicine, pharmacy and chiropractic, or advanced graduate work in their area of specialization. Students pursuing teacher education programs in environmental education are expected to meet all admission and retention criteria as described in the teacher education section.

In addition, the College offers an interdisciplinary program in gerontology, health informatics, medical technology, cytotechnology and other areas of specialization.

Institute for the Environment

The Institute for the Environment at Slippery Rock University started operation in 1994. Its mission is to provide interdisciplinary, interuniversity, and international opportunities for faculty, students, staff, and community members to work together for the improvement of the total environment (physical, biological, human). Institute members will serve as environmental leaders through scholarly endeavors such as research, grant writing, curriculum development, university and community service, and international experience.


McKeever Environmental Learning Center

Sandy Lake, PA

Francis Bires

Kathy Powell

The McKeever Environmental Learning Center is a public service institute for the State System of Higher Education administered by Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. It is the only facility within the system dedicated to the specific mission of providing environmental education to the citizens of the commonwealth. The center has been in operation since 1974, providing exemplary programming for students of all ages in the form of resident or day field trips, teacher workshops, educational seminars and special events for the public. Students from both private and public systems of higher education also complete eight weeks of their student teaching assignments at McKeever to enhance their teaching skills as future educators.

A Retreat Center consisting of 2 houses accommodating 20 people is available for staff/faculty get-aways, long range planning sessions and retreats.  Visit the center’s web site at

Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education (PCEE)

164 S. Main Street
Slippery Rock, PA 

Kathleen Paul

Dixie Wolfe

The Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education (PCEE), administered by Slippery Rock University and located in downtown Slippery Rock, is the commonwealth’s “one stop shop” for environmental education resources. PCEE was established in 1996 to promote and disseminate environmental education information and materials. Through its online website, partnerships and on site office technology, PCEE links professionals and private citizens throughout Pennsylvania with environmental tools and information. An extensive Environmental Education Reference Library at the PCEE office is available (by appointment) to SRU students and local teachers.

Visit the center’s website at and discover links to meet all of your environmental needs: from nature centers and energy-saving products to professional development and funding sources, PCEE links you to the environment!

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