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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education/Foundations of Education

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114 McKay Education Building

 Secondary Education/Foundations of Education

The Department of Secondary Education/Foundations of Education is committed to the development of professional educators through the careful integration of theory and practice.  Moreover, it is SEFE’s position that there is an inseparable fusion between teachers’ professional identities and their personal identities. Teaching is a reflective process that takes place within a diverse social, economic, political, and cultural complex that mandates continual development of the teacher.  Since teaching does not take place in a vacuum, it is part of our mission to provide opportunities for the total cognitive and affective development of our students so that they may become productive members of a teacher/ scholar community who will conduct research and disseminate knowledge that will enhance the education of students at all levels.

Edwin Christmann

Kay Castor

Richard Altenbaugh, Padma Anand, John Badgett, Edwin Christmann, Jeffrey Lehman, Mark Mraz, Caryn Trapp, Junko Yamamoto, John Hicks

The mission of the department is to provide secondary education majors with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to succeed in today’s changing classrooms. Moreover, the merging of theory with practice and the building of a solid background in foundations of education for all education majors are additional hallmarks.

Prospective secondary school teachers are required to take for certification, coursework in an academic discipline that is equivalent to a major in that discipline. Successful completion of a prescribed program and the PRAXIS series examinations are required for eligibility for certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

A secondary education major is advised by a faculty member in the academic discipline and by one in the Department of Secondary Education/Foundations of Education. Students may choose to attain dual certification, that is, to become eligible to teach in more than one subject area. The decision to attempt this dual certification should be made as early as possible in order to facilitate scheduling. It is the responsibility of the students to understand the certification requirements and to schedule all required courses.


Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Education

The department uses both state and national guidelines to continually update its accredited programs. Therefore, the specific course of study and the most recent requirements leading to teacher certification in this department are available in the departmental office or from the student’s advisor. See also Teacher Education Policy Manual, available in 105 McKay Education Building and on the College of Education homepage. Areas of teacher certification in secondary education at the baccalaureate level include:

Social Studies - History 

Areas of Teacher Certification in Secondary Education at the master’s level:

Earth and Space Science
General Science
Social Studies

Certification in these latter areas is available only at the graduate level as part of the master of education degree program. For more information about this program, including prerequisites, contact the Secondary Education/Foundations of Education office in 114 McKay Education Building. 

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