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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Enrollment Services

116 North Hall Welcome Center

Associate Provost
Amanda Yale

Administrative Assistant
Carolyn Colosimo

Academic Services
Academic Advisement
Academic Records and Summer School
Career Services
Financial Aid
Graduate Admissions
Retention Services
Services for Students with Disabilities
Undergraduate Admissions

First Year Studies

Other Programs

Rock Solid Support

First Year Studies exists to support the teaching and learning process. The FYRST Program is designed to ease the transition into college life by providing a coordinated effort of offering academically based support services to students. The area has primarily one goal—to facilitate the student transition from high school or work to the university. Structurally, FYRST is the home of all new freshmen, organized within the Division of Enrollment Services. FYRST is comprised of The Department of Academic Services, Office of Retention, and Office for Students with Disabilities.

The majority of the university’s academic support services are coordinated and delivered to new students by FYRST. Specifically, FYRST includes spring and summer orientation programming initiatives, first and second year academic advising, advising for exploratory students, learning community clusters, freshman seminar, tutoring, supplemental instruction, developmental math coursework, early-alert retention-based initiatives, services for students with disabilities, academic support services designed especially for first-year academically-challenged students, and support services for students who fall into academic difficulty during their college experience.

FYRST is about creating successful learning experiences for students in and outside the classroom. Progression through FYRST is to be assisted by the faculty advisor, however, it is the student’s responsibility to see that he/she meets all requirements of the degree granting college so that upon completion of the first year of study, the student must attain the minimum number of credits, the specific courses and the minimum QPA required by the major department. Through setting high goals and commitment to meeting those goals, new freshmen are to be able to support their efforts through FYRST and make a successful transition.