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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


314 Spotts World Culture Building

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Cornelius Cosgrove

Assistant Chair
Joseph McCarren

Secretarial Staff
Drinda Weber
Robin Mowry

Nancy Barta-Smith, William Boggs, Vernice Cain, Jace Condravy, Cornelius Cosgrove, William Covey, Jr., Robert Crafton, Anne Dayton, Danette DiMarco, Diana Dreyer, Anita Gorman, Christopher Kreiser, Cindy LaCom, Jane Lasarenko, Joseph McCarren, Robert McIlvaine, Alison McNeal, I.T. Meztli, Mark O’Connor, Sunita Peacock, Rachela Permenter, Derrick Pitard, Erica Scott, James Strickland, Kathleen  Strickland, Frederick White, William Zeiger

Within the liberal arts tradition, English courses integrate the studies of literature, language, and writing, and include a range from ancient through contemporary authors. Courses in literature, film, and linguistics, and in creative, technical, and business writing develop skills useful in law, public relations, government, business, publishing, teaching, and advertising. Students study textual analysis and interpretation, literary theory, ethics, and multicultural literatures.



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