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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog 
2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Thomas Como

Marion Kennedy

Glen Brunken, J. Robert Bruya, Thomas Como, June Edwards, Katherine Mickle, Kurt Pitluga, Jon Shumway, Richard Wukich

“The encouragement and support I received from the faculty and students in the Art Department at Slippery Rock University enabled me to gain the confidence to make it as a professional artist. The instruction I received provided both a practical and philosophic foundation that continues to contribute to my success as artist and teacher.”

John Greco
BA ’76
Professor of Art
Santa Monica College

“Being creative and skilled are the keys to surviving in today’s fast paced environment. The experience in the Art Department at Slippery Rock University prepared me to succeed in graduate school and in my professional career where constant change challenges all assumptions.”

Dalton Good
BFA ’81
Director of Publications
Point Park College

Students who major in art will develop the capacity to make tangible their aesthetic responses to experience. By increasing awareness of themselves, their environment and their culture, and by learning to think and act creatively, students prepare themselves for a life enriched through art. The broadly based Bachelor of Arts program with a concentration in art provides a diversified background suitable to generalist applications and an excellent foundation for further study in various disciplines.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program is for students interested in art as a profession. It is an intensive program of study aimed at developing a foundation of attitudes, traits, and abilities with which to begin a lifetime as an artist. Emphasis is placed on students’ personal experiences as the source of artistic motivation. The broadly based liberal studies curriculum provides students with a diversified background, which, in concert with their professional training, should lead to a successful career in art and applied art vocations.

The Art Department sponsors an overnight trip to visit galleries and museums in Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, New York, Washington or Chicago each semester. Faculty organize day trips to exhibits in Cleveland and Pittsburgh several times each term. The department has developed exchange programs with excellent art schools in Europe and Costa Rica to provide students with the opportunity for an international experience. Students have the opportunity to spend a semester studying and traveling in Europe or Costa Rica, experiencing different cultures. More than 100 students have participated in these exchanges.

Art faculty periodically take students to various professional society meetings such as the National Society for Education in Ceramic Arts, International Sculpture Society and Southern Graphics Society annual meetings. At these meetings students meet and get to know professionals in their field. They have an opportunity to attend lectures and demonstrations on the latest techniques being developed.

Each term, in our master studio program, the Art Department has visiting artists come to campus for workshops, lectures and critiques of student work. This program enables the student to know and experience the broadest possibilities in their own work.

Each year, the final exhibition in the campus gallery is devoted to an exhibit of student art. For this show, an invited juror judges the show, awarding prizes and scholarships for the coming year.

Students may elect to do an internship in their junior or senior year. Internships allow the student to sharpen skills learned in the classroom in a professional, working atmosphere. Students complete internships in various museums and galleries, and in photography, architectural, ceramic and graphic design studios. While interning, students gain a working knowledge in their chosen field, make contacts with professional artists, and learn to use the ideas and techniques practiced in the classroom.

The Art Club organizes field trips to special art exhibitions, raises monies for entry fees to local art exhibitions and sponsors exhibitions of their work to show in local galleries.

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