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2006-2008 Graduate Catalog 
2006-2008 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition, Fees, & Financial Policies

Note: These policies are effective for Fall 2006. The most current information on graduate tuition and fees may be found online at the Office of Student Accounts.

By accepting admission to the Slippery Rock University, the student agrees to pay the fees and charges assessed by the university. Tuition, fees and other charges are subject to change at any time. Students cannot enroll in classes, receive transcripts of coursework taken while at the university, or graduate from the university unless all fees are paid. Past due account balances are submitted to the Attorney General’s office for collection. If any account is submitted to a collection agency to assist in collecting the account, the student is responsible for any/all collection costs associated with this account. Payment of fees can be made in a variety of ways either in full or through installment payment plans (fee involved).

See also the Payment and Refund Policies.



Pennsylvania Residents.
The course fee for resident graduate students is $307 per credit hour for part-time (1-8 credits), or $2,759 per semester for full-time (9-15 credits).

Non-Pennsylvania Residents.
The course fee for out-of-state graduate students is $491 per credit hour for part-time (1-8) and $4,415 for full-time (9-15 credits).



Student Community Building Fee.
Mandated by state law, this fee is required to retire the general obligation bonds for the University Union building. The amount paid is determined by the number of credits taken and is pro-rated as follows: 1-6 credits, $2.50 per semester; 7-9 credits, $5 per semester; 10 or more credits, $10 per semester. The Summer Session fee is 1-3 weeks, $1; 5 weeks, $2.

General Service Fee (Student Activities).
This fee helps to cover the admission of each full-time student to athletic events, concerts, lectures, dramatic events and to support student organizations on campus. The fee will be 5.25 percent of in-state tuition. Summer session students pay a General Service Fee of $1.25 per week for the summer sessions.

Academic Enhancement Fee.
This fee is for the purpose of supporting academic activities that enhance and extend the traditional instructional activities of the classroom. The fee will be 15 percent of in-state tuition.

Health Services Fee.
This fee of $104 per semester supports the student health program including unlimited office visits for illness, injury and preventative care, walk-in urgent care service, inpatient service, and a comprehensive, campus-wide health education service. Part-time students are assessed a health fee of $8.65 per credit hour. The same rate applies to summer.

Aebersold Student Recreation Center Fee.
Slippery Rock University students voted to establish this fee beginning in the fall semester of 1994. This fee is used to fund the construction and operation of the new Aebersold Student Recreation Center. The fee is $7.25/credit hour with a maximum fee of $87.00 per semester. This fee also provides access to the Russell Wright Fitness center located in the student recreation center.

Physical Therapy Application Deposit:
Applicants who are offered admission to the doctor of physical therapy will be requested to remit a non-refundable $500 deposit. This deposit will confirm the student’s position in the fall class.

Miscellaneous Fees



Advance Deposit for Basic Fee (Any new or transfer student)  
   Fee assessed to each new and transfer student at the time they make a firm commitment to attend Slippery Rock University.
Advance Deposit for Residence Hall  
   Fee assessed to students desiring university-owned residence hall accommodations reserved in their name.
Alcohol Education Program Charge  
$45.00 or $60.00
   (Depending on nature of incident)
Application Fee - Physical Therapy Program  
$ 35.00
   Fee to accompany the application for admission to the physical therapy program.
$ 15.00
   Fee established by and submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education for processing teacher certification applications.
Credit by Exam Fee (Per Credit)  
$ 50.00
   Fee assessed to students to take a university-developed examination in order to receive credit for a course without participating in classroom instruction.
Career Assessment
$ 10.00
   Charge to purchase a career assessment package containing three vocational interest inventories.
Career Placement Service Charge  
   Annual charge to persons other than prospective or enrolled students and alumni who desire to use the services of the career services office.
Graduation Fee  
$ 20.00
   Fee assessed to cover the costs of the diploma, leatherette presentation case, reception and other services related to commencement exercises. Not transferable or updateable.
Gynecological/Contraceptive Service Charge (Per Year)  
$ 75.00
   Supplemental service of health center available on an optional basis to female students for pap smear, contraceptives and follow-up care.
Identification Card Charges:
     First issuance (included in orientation fee)  
$ 15.00
     Replacement Fee - damaged card returned  
$ 10.00
     Replacement fee - charge assessed students who lose their original ID card  
$ 15.00
$ 20.00
Installment Payment Plan  
$ 25.00
Late Drop/Add/Withdrawal Fee  
$ 15.00/transaction
    Assessed to students who drop, add, or withdraw from classes after the university’s stated deadlines.
Late Payment/Bad Check Charge  
$ 15.00
    Charge assessed to students who do not pay fees and charges by the designated due date or who issue a check for payment which is returned to the university for insufficient funds.
Late Registration Fee  
$ 10.00
    Fee assessed students registering for a course after the designated registration period has ended.
Library Overdue Book Fine (books due in 3 weeks)  
$ 0.05/day
Library Overdue Book Fine (books due in 1 week)  
$ 0.10/day
Non-Credit Basic Fee  
$ Varies
    Fee assessed for non-credit coursework, such as that involved in workshops.
Overnight Charge Per Campsite Per Night
$ 5.00
$ 7.00
          Charge assessed to persons visiting the campus who prefer to bring campers/trailers for overnight accommodations.
Parking Decal Charge  
$ 25.00
    Charge assessed students for automobile registration.
Parking Tickets Charge  
$ 15.00
    Charge assessed to anyone parking illegally on the university campus.
Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) Charge  
$ 25.00
    Students entering educational certification programs are required to take this test to demonstrate basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics.
Russell Wright Fitness Center (See Aebersold Student Recreation Center)
Transcript Fee  
$ 3.00
Same day service  
$ 10.00
    Fee charged for the preparation and mailing of each transcript. Every graduating student receives a complimentary copy of the transcript, with each subsequent transcript charged at the established rate. Students requesting that documents be faxed will be assessed a fee of $5.00 ($12.00 for “same day” service).
Technology Fee
    This fee was established by the Board of Governors of the State System of Higher Education. The fee is $25.00 for part time PA resident students or $50.00 for full time PA state resident students. The fee is $35.00 for part time, Non resident students or $70.00 for full time Non resident students.